Fluke & Blues, And Some Local News

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Fluke & Blues, And Some Local News

Since Ray has decided to skip out on the shop to go camping, we are going to skip shop news tonight.

We do have some “adjacent-to-the-shop-news” for you, however.  For those who have been to Grumpys within the past 6 months may have noticed a lot of work going on at the former site of Nino’s pizza next door to the shop.  What’s going on?  Mystic Lobster Roll Company is opening a location right here in Seaside Park.  They will finally be open this weekend.  This location is going to be a little different than other locations around the country because, besides being a Mystic Lobster Roll restaurant, it will also be Park Central Restaurant, which will be open early and provide coffee and breakfast items for the local fishermen (and anyone else who gets up ungodly early).  Check them out. 

Fishing the surf remains good with both bluefish and fluke being the most cooperative.  Fluke are going after the usual (bucktail and Gulp!), while the bluefish are hitting poppers, plastic swimmers, and mostly anything else moving and shiny.  For those who want to relax and soak bait for them, mullet and cut bunker are working.

There are still a few striped bass around, and the occasional black drum to remind us this is not a normal surf fishing year, so this weekend it would be good to bring some clams out with you too. 

If the bay there have wolf packs of 2 to 4 pound bluefish running amok.  They are taking poppers and plastic swimmers when you come across them. 

Here are some notable catches:

Our cover photo:  It was nice of Finn to let Todd hold this 21.5 inch fluke he caught Tuesday morning.

Just when you thought they were gone, someone goes and catches a drum.  In this case, it was Greg Beavers doing the catching.

If you didn’t see Black Cloud Bob this weekend it’s because he was up in Nantucket catching some OPF jumbo fluke with The NERBS. He was testing some prototype rods which we will have ready for you to check out soon.

Ray’s camping trip has had some exciting moments.  Some very large green fish were caught.  Well, large for green fish.  There apparently was a larger fish lurking around, however.  Just when Ray thought it was safe to go back in the water…