Pre-Chilled Fluke and Blues

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Pre-Chilled Fluke and Blues

First, shop news. 

We brought in a new wooden plug maker, Blitz Performance.  We have two new offerings from them.  First is their Quigley Metal Lip swimmer.  At 4 ½ inches and 1.8 ounces, it will be the perfect plug to throw in the surf when the mullet and peanuts show up in the fall. 

Blitz Performance also makes a very nice pencil popper.  At 8 inches and 3 oz, it flies on a cast.  Made from birch wood, it floats, making it easy to work even at the end of a cast.  Rigged with a VMC treble on the belly and a single VMS tail hook dressed with bucktail.

We have added a new item from Jigging World.  The Jigging World Fluke Candy Teaser V2 With Mylar Flash.  These teasers are made with a floating jig head, a stout hook with a bait keeper barb to hold your Gulp! or soft plastics, and flashy mylar dressing to attract attention.  Add them to your bucktails and Gulp!  presentation and see what happens to your catch. 

Fishing remains pretty good in the surf for bluefish and fluke.  Blues are hitting mullet, swimming plugs, poppers and most other shiny things thrown at them.  The fluke are on their usually bucktails and Gulp! bender. Bass are still being taken occasionally on clams.

For the boats, most of the better fluking is happening in the bay due to the ocean being colder than normal.  (We recorded 53 degrees Saturday a couple miles off Barnegat Inlet).  Boats fishing the bay have to weed through a lot of shorts to get keepers, but they are there.  It seems the bigger fish have been preferring Gulp! shrimp. 

Some notable recent catches:

Our cover photo:  Zack Bonard hit the bay this weekend with some bunker sent us this shot of a 5.5” Blue Claw.

Bergan County Pete came out of the rafters for this 2.15 lb fluke


Kurtis Walrath was slaying the blues this past weekend on Yo-Zuri plugs and Joe Baggs Plugs.

Ray is back.  We are getting some of the camping stories, some begrudgingly.  Like tis one.  Ray has his own trailer that he takes camping.  After this past week of camping in a heat wave, and the special camping activities that go on, the camper was a little, shall we say, ripe.  Ray figured he should give it a cleaning before dragging it home, but he really didn’t want to spend all the time needed to give it a proper cleaning.  Then he had a brilliant idea how to fast track the camper cleaning.  He would just back the camper into the lake to flush it out.  How did it work out?  Not well…