Fluke-Fest Continues...

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Fluke-Fest Continues...

First, we have our Christmas in July Sale that just started.  This is an online only sale  We have a special deal going on a Grumpys SandStorm Surf rod with a Daiwa BG spinning reel, spooled with PowerPro line. If you were thinking about a Sandstorm, now is the time to buy.  This deal will save you between $58 and $68 dollars compared to if you purchased the rod, reel and line separately (depending which combo you choose).  And while this is an online only offer, if you live nearby and/or don’t want to pay the $15 shipping fee, you can choose in-store pickup at checkout and we’ll have your new surf combo waiting for you at the store (just please wait to get the “It’s ready, come get it” email before you stop by). The sale runs until July 31st.

We are also having a sale on all S&S Bucktails Products in the online store.  They are 15% off, and there is no code to enter.  The discount price will be applied at checkout.  While supplies last on these. 


We received a new order from Game On, makers of an excellent spook-style lure, with a bunch of new items for both the brick & mortar and online store.  First, are the Carbon Black Inshore Rods.  Everyone in the shop ws impressed with these when we pulled them out of the boxes.  That’s how nice they are.  Even our esteemed rod builder, Blackcloud Bob Hyrsko, was excited about them.  If you saw what kind of rods Bob can build, you would know it takes something impressive to get him excited.  Come in and check these out.

We also added Game On’s DuraTech Eels.  These soft stickbaits are made from DuraTech, Game On’s version of the extra tough soft plastic that is popular now.  We have them in two sizes (10 inches and 13 inches) and 4 colors.  These are going to be great locally for striped bass, bluefish and tuna. 

For rigging purposes, we brought in Game On’s UnLeaded WideEye Jig Head.  These lead-free jig heads are built around a very sharp and strong barbarian hook.  While designed to work with the Game On soft baits, these will also work with Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ, Lunker City Sluggos and Fin-S Fish, Zoom Super Flukes, Keitech Impact Shads, and Tsunami Tidal Mullet and Tidal Fluke.  And many more.

We have some swimbait hooks from Game On too.  The Grappler Swimbait hooks and Grappler Weighted Swimbait Hooks have a unique system for mounting the tough soft plastics.  Anyone who has tried to use these super stretchy tough soft plastics on a screw-lock style jig head or swimbait hook will know that it is a pain to get the plastic on the screw.  The unique Grappler system allows you to push the soft bail onto the Grappler, which has 3 wire barbs to hold it in place. 

The fishing in the surf is still a game of fluke, but bluefish have really made their presence known on Thursday.  The bluefish are not big, just a pound or two, but on a summer day with light tackle (like the 7’10” Sandstorm / Daiwa BG combo currently on sale), they are a lot of fun.  Mullet is working for the bait anglers, while small metals like the smallest Deadly Dick are working for those throwing lures.  The bluefish are also hitting the bucktails and Gulp! the fluke fisherman are throwing.

Speaking of, here is are a couple of tips for you if you find yourself going through a lot of Gulp!, but still want to target fluke instead of switching to bluefish.  The first, if a bluefish bites the tail off of your swimming mullet or grub, don’t pull the bitten body off the hook.  Add a curly Otter Tail and give it a quick dip in the Gulp! Alive! Recharge juice in your Baitmule.  The bluefish won’t be able to bite off the Otter tail, your presentation will still have a nice curly tail wiggle, and it will still smell & taste like Gulp!  The other option is to forego Gulp! altogether and use a sot plastic lure.  While that may sound like crazy-talk, hear me out.  The Z-Man DieZel Minnows are the closest thing to “bluefish proof” we have seen in a soft plastic bait.  Rig one up on a jig head, and give it a coat of Pro-Cure Flounder Pounder Super Gel and you have the next best thing to Gulp!.

In the bay the name of the game is Blowfish and Spot.  The same rigs work for both, as do the same baits (squid, clam or Fishbites) and the same technique (clam chum in a chum pot).  

Some notable catches:


Alan with a 21 inch 3.7 pound fluke from the beach.

Shell E. saw Gerry's fish from last week and said "This atrocity will not stand man", then came in with this fish, a 3.70 pound fluke from the surf.

The fluking is very good if you can get through the bluefish. Here’s John Glatz with a 18 inch, 3.2 pound fluke caught in the surf.

Our own Sean did a surf fishing clinic on Thursday morning.  Here is a summary in Sean’s own words:  Sometimes it’s all about giving back. Today I had the privilege of hosting and teaching the Cattus Island County Park kids surf fishing camp down on IBSP. We had a fantastic trip with many first catches with 8 eager young anglers looking to getting involved in the sport. Fluke/Blues were on the menu today and the blues didn’t disappoint. Loads of 1-2 lbers on mullet and metal. Donate a few bags of Gulp! looking for the flat fish but more blues.  By days end these kids were casting hooking and unhooking fish themselves.

If you were in the shop today you may have noticed something missing.  Yes, Ray was “out of the office” again today.  Did he go fishing?  No, he needed the time to get a haircut.  Now, you may be wondering, as did all of us, how a follically challenged gentleman needs so much time to get a haircut.  Well, turns out power tools and something akin to car polish is involved…