The Fishing Is Good; The Fish Are Flat

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The Fishing Is Good; The Fish Are Flat

First, shop news…


New Product alert!  We here at Grumpys know that while the sun gives life, too much of it is not a good thing for you.  We have seen some of you come into the shop 10 different shades of bright red.  It looks particularly painful, so we have stuff to prevent it.  Adding to our sun defense line of Grumpys Long Sleeve UV T-Shirt and Sun Bum products, we present to you the Grumpys Tackle Straw Hat.  You can now walk around in your own shady patch on the beach or the boat.  The prefect fit band ensures a great fit, and for the days the wind tries to steal your hat, there is a built in draw cord to cinch it up tight.  We have them in 4 different under-brim color patterns. 

Just a reminder, it’s the season where a wind from the west can make a day on the beach or boat unbearable.  Yes, even the boat.  You would be surprised how many miles off the beach those little biting b—tards can go.  Save your fishing trip and day at the beach with Captain Rons.

The fishing has been fantastic for fluke, especially from the surf.  Bucktails and Gulp! are doing the most damage.  The boats have been doing well also, both in the bay and out in the ocean.   In the bay you will have to pick through a lot of shorts before you get to some keepers.  In the ocean, the short to keeper ratio is a little better.

Speaking of the bay, the spot (or Lafayette) have shown up.  These little members of the croaker family make great live baits for big fluke, big weakfish, bass and bluefish.  They also fry up nicely in the pan if you get a few larger ones.  Fish for them using the same rigs you would use for blowfish or kingfish and bait with small pieces of squid, clam or FishBites.  Speaking of blowfish, they have made a showing too.  Drop a chum pot down with clam chum and you should attract both blowfish and spot to your location. 

We have also heard of some “tropical exotics” showing up in the bay (like cobia).  When we get a confirmation, we will let you know.

Offshore, the tuna fishing has been great.  Bluefin have been taking both poppers and jigs

Some notable catches:

Brett with a beautiful 4.60LB Fluke from the surf. Nice fish Brett! Caught on Gulp!

Another nice fluke hit the scale from the surf. Here’s Tyler with a 4.30lb Fluke that hit Gulp!

John Budish Sr. was on the Fluke this morning! Bucktails and Gulp! of course. His 8 foot ODM Evolution with a Shimano Vanford was a perfect match for the flatties.

Tim with a pair of IBSP twins at 18” and 2 lbs on Saturday.


Tim with a nice Surf Fluke he caught Monday morning. He landed over 15 fluke.

Bill Montes with a 22” 3.75 lb fluke caught on the beach

Lots of Surf Fluke Monday! Here’s Jerry with a nice one. We are not sure why he is not standing in his usually spot by Shel E’s picture.  Maybe Jerry is done taunting Shel?  Nah, probably not…

It’s hot out here in Seaside Park, NJ.  Uncomfortably hot, and very humid too.  But, we had the air conditioners serviced in the shop a month ago.  They have been working to keep the shop nice and cool (and hopefully by mentioning that, I haven’t screwed that up.).  So come on in and enjoy the cool air while you get what you need for your next fishing trip.  Ray has been enjoying the temps inside, and enjoying rubbing it in to those who don't have AC…