Fluke On Parade!

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Fluke On Parade!

Just a fishing report today…

(Don’t worry, we’ll still pick on Ray too).

Can you folks please go catch something other than fluke?  It’s been the same report all summer, and our report writer is getting a little stir crazy trying to write the same thing in new and interesting ways.  He may look like Ray in the GIF below soon (Spoiler alert…).

So, in case you haven’t guessed, the fluke fishing remains good, with the best fishing coming from the surf.  There are still some fluke in the bay, and there are fluke being caught on the nearshore reefs and wrecks, but if you want a nice fluke, the surf is the place to go.  And, in case this is your first fishing report, bucktails and Gulp! is the way to go. 

There has been some sporadic bluefish catches along the beach too, and those fish are taking mullet or small pieces of cut bunker. 

In the back bay, the blowfishing has been very good.  The boats are doing much better than the shore bound anglers.  Chumming with clam chum is the way to go.  Once you attract them to the boat, small bits of clam, squid or Fish Bites will catch them. 

The snapper bluefish have shown up at the local docks.  Best bet to get them is to hang a spearing under a bobber with a snapper hook.  The crabbing at the docks has been good too, so you can do a combined crabbing/snapper trip, which is fun for everyone, but also a great way to teach kids the basics of fishing. 

Here are some notable catches:

In our lead off picture, the excellent fluking reports haven’t stopped in the surf! Wes, Staci, and John had some nice fluke this weekend!


Legendary Larry found a nice one on IBSP.


Shel E trying to cement his position as the "Fluke King Of Island Beach State Park" with another surf caught fluke.  This one was 21 inches and 3.7pounds.


Ed and his wife with a nice pair of fluke.


Ricky Keller with an awesome surf fluke 24 inches and 4.7 pounds.


Brian Clune with a nice 3.5 pound surf caught fluke.


@jdial2.0 with a nice surf fluke: 3.1 pounds.   Jarrett has stated “the fluking is gnarly right now”.


Phil Lagrossa with a very nice fluke from the boat Sunday. 26.5 inches long and 7.5 pounds. It fell for Gulp!

We are in the thick of fluke tournament season, and Ray gets a little twitchy every year during this season.  He gets extra twitchy when he and his crew have a bad day.  Unfortunately, this past Saturday was a bad day.  Now, a bad day for Ray and his crew was that they didn’t finish “in the money”, but that is enough to get Ray acting a little extra weird.  Fast forward to Sunday and we have a very nice fluke weighed in at the shop, one that would have put Ray and his crew in the money.  The Grumpys Associate who was weighing in the fish on our front porch turned at one point to see the following looking out of our front door.  I am not sure the Grumpys Health Plan is going to pay for all of the therapy this scene has caused…