Did We Mention The Fluke Fishing is Good?

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Did We Mention The Fluke Fishing is Good?

As usual, shop news first.

We have been waiting a long time for our order of 60 pound Boga Grips to arrive.  They finally did this week.  If you were waiting for a boga grip, now is the time to grab one.  In store and online. 


We have a new decal based on Grumpy Hisself and one of his sayings, designed and developed by Jenni Herself (no relation to Mr Hisself).  We have them online or in the store.  You can find them on the counter near the Bob The Garbageman stickers. 

We got a fresh Grumpys Hat restock, both the mesh trucker hats and “Dad hats”.   Multiple colors available.  Cover your dome with something stylish this summer.

Before we get to the fishing, a public service announcement.  If you have been on social media, you have probably seen this.  For those who have not, here is the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife post regarding shark fishing from the beach.

As far as the fishing goes, surf fishing for fluke is still the hottest fishing in town.  Bucktails and Gulp!.  The fresh information we have for you is that the larger Gulp! Grubs are doing some real work on the bigger fluke.  Anglers are fishing the 8 inch Gulp Grubs and are regularly landing fluke in the 3 to 4 pound range, which is a very nice surf caught fluke. 

Fluke fishing on the boats remains steady.  We haven’t heard if the 8 inch Grubs are doing as well when jigged from a boat, but we don’t see why they wouldn’t.

Blowfishing in Barnegat Bay is also pretty good.  We have the clam chum you will need to bring them to your boat, and the squid, clam or Fish Bites to get them to bite your hook.  For rigs, we recommend the using either winter flounder rigs or perch rigs

Here are some notable catches.


Alan Kunze with a 21 inch 4.05 pound fluke taken on Gulp!.


Anthony Brattole with a 2.95 pound fluke that fell for Gulp!


This is a nice fluke caught by Shel E Caris.  That is an 8 inch Gulp Grub in the picture, to give you some scale…


@dom.cataline with a nice 22 inch 4.15 pound fluke taken from the surf on Gulp!

Ray has mentioned today in the shop that he has been in a funk.  Not the kind of funk that gets you a 5 day quarantine, thankfully.  We think he is a little bummed out, possibly from lack of fishing (Oh wait, that might be me).  Ray has been fishing, but, according to him, their fishing trips haven’t been up to his standards of good.  I don’t believe at all that is the cause.  I think he is depressed because his cat beat the (&@% out of him.    Mr Dough Boy Winkleschitts (ie the cat) says he has nothing to do with it.