More Fluke, More Garbageman...

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More Fluke, More Garbageman...

First, shop news. 

For those of you waiting for the Bob The Garbageman Stickers, we have restocked.  Show people you understand what the commitment to a 12-hour soak means.  Warn them that you will steal their anise extract if they leave it unattended.  Pick them up in the store, get them online, whichever way, just get them.  Bob needs some new 50-pound leader and has to get some of those newfangled circle hooks.

Fishing remained good over the weekend.  The southerly winds dropped the water temps, but that did not fully kill the fishing we had.  The name of the game was fluke, as it has been for the past few weeks.  The bite off the beach is still the most consistent, but a decent day can be put by anglers in boats at the nearshore reefs and wrecks.  Bucktails and Gulp! (surprise!) is still the go-to method. 

In other news, bunker have shown up along the local beaches, possibly because of the cooler water.  And they have brought with them some larger blues, and we even heard of some summer striped bass being taken near them.  For the blues, poppers are the way to go.  The bass we heard were caught by livelining.  Just a remind, you need an inline circle hook to target bass with a live bunker. 

Crabbing remains good at the local docks in the bay, but you will need to weed through the small crabs to put together a good catch.  If you wanna get away from the little ones gathering around the docks waiting for the drop line, you can try a castable crab trap

Here are some notable recent catches:


Joe Albanese with an IBSP limit of Fluke up to 20.5 inches and 3.6 pounds that fell for Gulp!


John Glatz with an IBSP limit of fluke up to 18 inches and 2.15 pounds.


Lou entering the tilt for “Fluke King Of IBSP” seemed to inspire Shel E to bring in a fish.  Here he is with a nice surf-caught fluke at 23.5 inches and 4.65 pounds


Alan with a nice 21.5 inch / 3.35 pound fluke on Gulp!


Bill with a nice 6.40 pound fluke taken on a boat.


John with a nice 18.5 inch fluke off the surf


Andy Ciok with a 25 inch / 6.05 pound fluke caught on the Berkley Striper Club’s annual fluke trip


Ed Fuchs with a 23 inch / 4.75 pound fluke caught off the surf

It’s International Cat Day.  Ray had forgotten and his family pet, Mr Dough Boy Winkleschitts, was not happy.  I think with each blow you could hear the cat say “That’s for forgetting what today is”, “That’s for not giving me the good food”, "That's for not winning the last fluke tournament", “That’s for that stupid name”…