The Fishing Remans Good, Especially For Fluke

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The Fishing Remans Good, Especially For Fluke

Some shop news.

We brought in a new product that you are all looking for even through you probably didn’t even realize you were looking.  How many people have had a container of Gulp! spill in a car?  Or in a boat?  Or all over their clothes or waders?  It stinks, literally.  Fish love the smell of Gulp!, other humans do not really appreciate it.  So you want to avoid spilling it.  But the containers the Gulp! Alive come in are terrible at containing the Gulp! liquid once the original seal is broken, and aftermarket containers from big box stores can be hit or miss, mostly miss. The answer is the Bait Locker storage containers.  The keep the liquid inside where it is supposed to be.  They come in two sizes.  The smaller black Bait Locker is great for the more mobile surf or back bay angler, as it fits into most plug bags.  The larger white Bait Locker is perfect for the boat angler or the surf angler that fishes with a beach buggy as his base point.  Both have wide openings making it easy to get to your Gulp!


We recently got a restock of Stillwater Lures Smack It Poppers.  In that restock, were the highly sought after Smack It Jr’s.  We restocked both the shop and the online store, and these have been selling quickly.  We also snuck a few new colors onto the online store. 

Fishing has remained good, with fluke STILL being the highlight of the reports.  The fishing for them in the surf remains very good, and the inshore reefs and wrecks are producing nice catches too.  Bucktails and Gulp! has been the way.

Bluefish are still being caught intermittently in the surf.  Mullet or cut bunker for those who want to fish bait, or poppers and metals for those who want to throw lures. 

Striped bass fishing locally has slowed, but hasn’t totally stopped.  If you want to try for them in the surf, clams will give you the best shot.  If you want to throw lures, you can find some smaller fish in the back bays and rivers, mostly in the dark.  Kettle creeks or small Tsunami or Storm shads are the ticket.

The crabbing locally has remained good of the docks.  Also, we have had reports of blowfish, snapper blues, kingfish and spot off the local piers, so it sounds like the summer doldrums in the bay is subsiding. 

Here are some recent notable catches.


A new player has entered the game.  Lou De Fonteny was seeing no new progress on the "Fluke King Of Island Beach State Park" tilt between Gerry and Shel E, so he decided to throw his hat into the ring.  Here is a 20 inch, 2.7 pound fluke taken on Gulp! in the surf.


Chris Kirk with two beautiful IBSP caught fluke: 23.5 inch, 4.3 pound and 20 inch, 3.4 pound. They were caught on an S&S Bucktails Fluke Nukem and Gulp!


Showing the stripers haven’t completely left, Nick Angelos with a 15.9 pound 34.5 inch bass caught on clam.

Ray took another day off this week.  Part of why, he says, was to be referee between his two sons and their WWE style events for an afternoon.  Of course, this is what we at Grumpys pictured Ray would act like as a referee.