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Free Stuff - See Inside

First, as usual, shop news…

We received a new color in the Yo-Zuri Hyrdo Minnow LC: Chicken Scratch (Yo-Zuri calls it "Pearl Yellow", though any striped bass angler worth their salt knows it as "Chicken Scratch").  And the good news is, we are having a promotion.  Buy any two Yo-Zuri products and get a free Chicken Scratch Yo-Zuri Hydro Minnow LC.  This will last as long as supplies of the Chicken Scratch Hydro minnows last, or the end of the month, whichever comes first.  Sorry, no color substitutions.  In the store, when you check out with two Yo-Zuri products, they will hand you your free lure at checkout.  Online, when you go to the one of the qualifying product pages (Mag Darter, Hydro Minnow, 3D Inshore Twitch Bait, or H.D. Carbon Disappearing Pink Fluorocarbon Leader), you will see a popup for the Hydro minnow.  The discount will be applied automatically when you go to your cart. 


Father’s day is coming up, and we have a couple of suggestions to help you with the tough decision on what to get Dad.  We have a limited number of MaiTai gift baskets in-store.  There are two types, one for fluke and one for striped bass.  Each contains an assortment of MaiTai rigs, Grumpy Stickers and MaiTai stickers..  The Fluke basket also has Gulp, while the stiped bass basket has elastic thread, a bait knife and some rod tip glow sticks.  Oh, and the best part, each one comes in a small plastic bucket that Dad can use when picking up bait at Grumpys, or to build sandcastles on the slow days on the beach.  Baskets are $64.99 each and are available in store while supplies last.  If you want one shipped, reach out to us on our Contact Us page and we’ll get one out to you.

If the gift baskets are not right for your particular brand of father, we also have Gift Cards so he can get whatever he wants/needs.  We have two types of gift card, one for In-Store shopping and one for Online shopping.  If you choose the In-Store method, we will mail you a plastic gift card to use in the store.  If you choose the Online card, a gift code will be sent to you via e-mail or text for you to use on your next online store purchase.  


We have some new lures from Lights Out Lures in the shop and on the site.  We currently have Pencil Poppers, PNut Metal Lipped swimmers and Needlefish on the site.  Danny swimmers are coming online shortly.

 For the fishing report, we’ll let the picture speak for themselves.  That being said (written?), here are some notable catches since the last report:


Ben with a 32” 11.55lb bass caught on clams in the IBSP Surf.  Those are the best shorts you are going to see in this report.


Here’s Bob Paiva with a 33” 14.45lb and Steve Waterson with a 35” 16.30Lb bass. All on clams.


Barry Hawley with 29.5” 10.55lb striped bass on a clam.


Ethan Shannon with a 28” 7.80LB bass caught on salted clam in the Seaside Surf.


Some big fish in the area! Here’s store regular @bigfoot_nj with a beauty from Sunday morning. Fish took a clam.


Little Scarlett is up to it again as she continues to out fish her dad @seansmida. This particular blue is what we call GORILLA size! The bluefish are really starting to turn on locally in the bay on poppers.


Pam McGee with a 37 7/8" striper and the winner of the 2022 Governor’s Surf Fishing Tournament on IBSP this past Sunday.


Paulie K with a 43” striped bass on Grumpy Clams and a Mai Tai High-Low rig.


Don Mayer with a 30.5" 10.50lb striped bass caught on clams in the surf. He reported 2 bass Tuesday morning on clams.


In @jasonn.woods own words:  “Caught on island beach state park off Grumpy clams this morning. 40 incher released!”

 You can tell the weather is getting better when Ray kicks on the air conditioning in the shop.  Now, instead of it being cold outside the shop, it’s cold inside the shop.  Did anyone see that snowman?