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Getting Closer to the Big Spring Sale...

We got some restocks in this weekend.  We have more ODM Surfwave Bags, specifically the very popular 2.5 tube version.  Both in store and online, and we expect them to go fast.


Another item we restocked that we do not expect to last are the Van Staal VSB100/VSB150 Extended Reel Foot.  We were able to get a few more in black.  So for those of you tired of getting your knuckles smacked with your VSX100 or VSX150 reels, this is your solution.  This also goes for those of you who have to choose between using their VSX100 or VSX150 and having cold hands, or wearing gloves and using a, dare I say, inferior reel. 


Speaking of Van Staals, we got a couple of the new Black VR reels in.  They won’t last long, so call the shop (732-830-1900) before making the ride down to pick one up.  And we are also still running a special on the silver VR reels.  Buy a VR150, VR175 or VR200 and get a free spool to go along with it.  While supplies last.


We got more Black Hole rods in store, including some real heavy duty tuna blanks.  These rods were built to pull in a bus, which is essentially what it feels like when you hook a giant bluefin tuna.  Come into the store (906 NE Central Ave, Seaside Park, NJ) to check them out.


This upcoming weekend is our SPRING HAS SPRUNG sale, held along with our neighbors, Yakkity Yak Kayak Rentals.  See the picture below for more info.

We will be debuting a new bucktail from S&S Bucktails, exclusive to Grumpys Tackle called the Fluke Nukem.  It will have two tie offs for jigging or casting, a solid hook and a bait keeper to help hold the Gulp! on the hook.  Come in Saturday and check them out.  Stan from S&S Bucktails will be here to answer any questions you have about Fluke Nukem bucktails, or any other products he makes. 

I guess you want a fishing report.  It honestly hasn’t changed from Friday.  I was tempted to just put a link here to go to Friday’s report, then I thought why not just cut & paste it instead.  So here, for your re-reading pleasure is a fishing report:


So, how is the fishing?  For striped bass, pretty good on the west side of the bay.  For those fishing bait, blood worms have been picking up striped bass on the west side of the bay and the creeks and rivers that feed into it (sound familiar? 😊 ).  Smaller lures have also been working, Rapala X-raps, small Yozuri Mag DartersKettle Creek Shads on light bullet jig heads, small Storm Wildeye Shads, small Tsunami Pro Holographis Swim ShadsVudu Shads, and small Scabelly Gliders.  Evening and morning are the time to go. 



We have heard of guys going out for flounder, but not much coming back in terms of reports.  They keep going out though, which is a sign something is happening.  We don’t really blame them for not coming back to tell us they got their 2 fish at 12+ inches for the day.  While that would make a nice dinner at the end of the day, it’s certainly not a brag-able day of fishing.  Still, if you want a nice meal and to catch a few fish that fight much harder than you would expect for their size, we have the bloodworms and clam chum you need to target them.


Ray is back from vacation.  This is a visual representation of his return to the shop…