Goodbye Lee, Welcome Back Fish

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Goodbye Lee, Welcome Back Fish

But first, shop news…

We received a restock of No Live Bait Needed Products, so if you were looking for something we didn’t have, we should have it now.  We have also added a few new items, as follows:

We now have the No Live Bait Needed (NLBN) Big Mullet in the shop and online now.  Seeing the size of some of the mullet our netters are coming back with, this will be a perfect lure to work around the mullet schools right now.  At 7 inches long, it’s the biggest of the NLBN Mullet series.  NLBN recommends the 10/0 BKK Titan Diver hook for rigging this, but other swimbait hooks of that size will work also. 

We have added a new size jig head in NLBN’s 3” Series of jig heads.  We now have added the 1/8 oz jig heads from this series.  Available right now in Hell Yeah Butter and Limesider, these lighter jig heads are designed to work with the 3 inch paddle tails and will be perfect when you are fishing shallow, or want to keep the lure up near the surface without having a fast retrieve. 

Speaking of 3 inch paddle tails, we added a new color to that series.  We now have Limesider along with all of the other hot colors.

And, for those who love to decorate their beach buggy, boat, cooler, coffee thermos, etc, we have NLBN Striper stickers in 2 colors and 2 sizes. 

Now that the hurricane has gone past us and the water has calmed down, the good fishing in the surf has resumed.  We are still hearing about fluke on bucktails and Gulp!, but the big news is all of the 2 to 4 pound bluefish that have invaded the surf chasing after the mullet.  Of course, a mullet on a mullet rig will take these fish, but you can also target them using poppers and spook style lures.  The other news we have been hearing is that mixed into the blues is the occasional schoolie sized striped bass.  They are also falling for surface lures. For those fishing lures, the bite has been all day, but dawn and dusk has been better.

The false albacore have also been making assaults on the beach, but you need to be in the right place at the right time, as the albie bite just doesn't last long.  Keep a rod rigged and ready to go with an epoxy jig.

Our one notable catch, our cover photo, caused a little controversy on social media.  Apparently, no one reads the full description, just the first line, and that lead to some confusion, conspiracy theories, and, strangely enough, unwarranted anger.  Here is what the full description said:

“Mahi Mahi, 37 inch fork length, 17 pounds, caught on a clam from the surf.
OK, maybe not from the surf, but David Bennett did use a clam to coax it away from the lobster pot it was hanging around.”


The truth is what the post said, the fish was caught from a boat, but David did use a clam to catch it.  He said they were bottom fishing that day and when they approached the lobster pot, clam was the only bait they had with them.  So that’s what they used and that is what this fish ate.   

Scott has been seeing all of the mullet coming through the door and wants in the action.  He got himself a cast net and has been practicing netting mullet at the shop.  Note his technique.  Especially his tongue positioning in the second picture.  If you want to net your own mullet, this is not the way to do it. Our cast nets have links to instructional videos in their paperwork.  Use those.