'Gosas, Flatties, Puffers, and Bugs

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'Gosas, Flatties, Puffers, and Bugs

Today in the shop, we received a shipment that had us feeling like we won a tournament.  Shimano was able to get us a shipment of Saragosa spinning reels.  We have in stock 8000, 10000 and 14000 size available.  We also have one 6000 size, and it is only available in the shop. 

Yesterday we had good reports of fluke being caught.  Especially off the surf.  Do I really need to say what they were caught on AGAIN?  Ok fine, I guess I am just here to entertain you.  Jigs and Gulp!  Are you happy now?  Am I just an organ grinder’s monkey to you all?


The crabbing has been good on the local docks.  Bunker has been the bait of choice, and the crab are chewing.   We have all the supplies you need for crabbing in the shop, including castable crab traps.

The anglers fishing the bay have been doing well on blowfish.  Anchoring and chumming with clam chum does the trick to attracting these tasty bait stealers.  For bait, you can use clam, squid, and/or Fishbites. 

We got the following message a couple days ago from Tom Quintenz.  After he had the shark identified by a local biologist, we are sharing his story and pictures here.  In Tom’s own words:

I took my son to IBSP yesterday after getting some bunker from the store.  My son James had a real challenge catching the shark in the pictures.  Anyway after multiple runs peeling half of the spool at times and about 20-30 minutes later he landed the shark.  To facilitate a safe release we took a quick measurement with a 4 ft. measuring board I use for tournaments and the fish was about 5 to 6 feet in length.  Thanks to using a Schimano Baitrunner 12000D the pole stayed in the sand spike until my son could get to the pole.  And thanks to using a 8/0 inline circle hook the hook was set clear of the teeth.  The key, of course, was the chunk of Grumpy Bunker on the hook.
We referenced our fish book and the state’s website for shark identification, but we are not sure what species shark this is.  Looks like either sandbar shark or dusky.  If someone at the store or anyone you know can confirm the species, I would be interested to know.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I took one of the top of the shark and one when it rolled over on it’s side in order to help with the identification.


I am so happy that the AC is fixed, I am going to give Ray another day of reprieve in the fishing report.  Blackcloud Bob, on the other hand…

Yesterday Bob was unable to do epoxy on rods because of the insects that were infesting his area. (He built handles instead.)  He said the insects were an swarm.  The way he tells the story, it seems like it happened this way: