Grumpy Santa Is Back!

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Grumpy Santa Is Back!

Big News!  The Grumpy Santa Charity Event to benefit St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is on for this year.  The 2021 event will occur Saturday December 18th and Sunday December 19th from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm each day. (For those who struggle with AM vs PM, like Ray, that is NOON).   Come in and take a seat on Grumpy Santa’s lap.  You will get your picture taken, you will get a candy cane, and, if you are really lucky, Grumpy Santa may gift you with some mild verbal abuse as only Grumpy Santa can.  That is only given out to the especially good anglers.  Have you been good this year? 

We will also have some in-store and online specials running that weekend.  Keep an eye on this report and our social media accounts for more information.


We have added The Original Boga Grip to the online store.  A number of customers have called asking about getting them shipped, so we added them to the online store.  If you need to handle a toothy fish and/or want to know the weight of your catch, you cannot get a better tool of the job.

It seems like we are now entering phase 3 of the fall run.  The first, big bass eating adult bunker, and the second, peanut bunker blitzes with bass of multiple size ranges, have passed.  We now have smaller schoolie sized fish eating smaller, thinner baits.  A number of anglers today reported good catches on metals like ava jigs and Charlie Graves tins.  The ones that did the best had a teaser in front of those lures.  Fish were also caught on Bill Hurley Sand Eels, Tsunami Sand Eels, and small swim shads like those from Storm and Tsunami.  And here is a big secret.  You can put a teaser in front of those lures too.  Ok, maybe that secret wasn’t all that big. 

The other day, while talking in the shop about food (a popular subject in case you couldn’t tell), Ray mentioned he liked avocado.  He phrased it such as “I love avocado so much I could bathe in it.”  I have Jenni as a witness to this.  When we started laughing, he defended his love of avocado. I said that’s fine, and thanks for the fishing report fodder.   So here is Ray, bathing in avocado….


Bonus report! Some of you who visited the shop last week may have noticed Sheldon back in the shop.  No, he isn’t back permanently, he was just visiting before he finally went into the Air Force.  After a lot of waiting, he finally got his ship date.  His first full day of basic training was yesterday.  We have exclusive video on how it went…


Good luck Sheldon.