Slow Pitches, Sand Eels, and Secrets

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Slow Pitches, Sand Eels, and Secrets

We have a new product in store and online.  Well, they have been in-store for a couple weeks now, but as of tonight, we made them available for those who don’t want to drive to Seaside Park.  These are the Slow Pitch Slayer jigs, from our very own Scott.  Many of you know him from his oversized online presence as Wefish138.  He tried a jig like this on a trip to Rhode Island for black sea bass and absolutely slayed them.  Not finding them readily available around here he found someone to produce them for him and has made them available for everyone.  We have 4 sizes.  80 gram, 100 gram, 120 gram, and 150 gram (or 2.8 oz, 3.5 oz, 4.2 oz and 5.3 oz for those who struggle with the metric system (like me)).  We also have 4 colors that match Scott’s personality.  They come unrigged so you can rig them as you see fit, with a treble hook, a single hook with bucktail, or with an assist hook (Scott’s favorite way).  Check them out…

We have had a number of calls to the shop asking what our hours are.  They are 4:30 am to 8:00 pm and will remain that way until after Christmas, which is when we will switch to winter hours (actual winter hours yet to be determined).  So if you work a job with "normal" daytime hours, and you need something, you can always come in before or after work.  Or you can order online...

As far as the fishing goes, it is on the slow side.  The weather yesterday didn’t help get any participation, and participation is key to getting reports.  However, we did hear from a few anglers that went out and they relayed some promising news.  One got a few small bass down in the park, and they were hitting ava jigs.  Another angler was also out in the park and while he didn’t land any bass, he did snag a bunch of sand eels on his lure.  He said they had to be thick if he kept snagging them.

We have heard of bass in a few spots north of the shop.  When they get here and they find those sand eels...  We dare not say anymore.

We have also heard of bass in the bay in select spots.  They are small fish, but are feeding well.  The anglers who are on them are not telling us where these select spots are.  If you want to catch these fish, you are going to have to do some exploring.

 While the embargo on making fun of Ray has lifted, we are going to give him a break for another day or two.  Why the sea change on being kind to Ray?  Well, we have a battle raging in Grumpys.  Bob vs Scott. They are battling it out for Christmas.  Scott is for Christmas music being played in the shop.  Bob is vehemently against.  Who’s going to win?  We’ll see. All wagers can be placed with Ray….