Grumpy Santa This Weekend

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Grumpy Santa This Weekend

This weekend is our Grumpy Santa fundraiser for St Jude's Children’s Research Hospital.  All money collected during the event goes to St Jude's.  Come on in, get a picture with Santa, get a candy cane, and give a couple bucks to St Jude's.  Every dollar counts and no amount is too little (or too much).  This is a special day.  It’s the day Grumpy Hisself’s heart grow’s three sizes.


There are also rumors that Jenni Herself (no relation) made a bunch of home baked cookies.  You do not want to miss those.

 We will also be running a sale this weekend, both online and in the shop to go along with he Grumpy Santa Fundraiser.  Essentially, everything in the shop is 10% off, with some exceptions for items we are not allowed by the manufacturer to discount.  See the header image for details.


We’ve added some new winter hats to our inventory.  These new premium hats are super soft and come in some great colors.  There are two styles, one with a small Grumpy Fish Logo, and one with a leather patch and Grumpy Hisself's famous quote "Quit Breathing My Air."  We’ll have them in the shop and online (and they are not one of the excluded items for the sale).

Next week we will have No Live Bait Needed products in the shop.  They are currently in transit.  Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for when they arrive.

As far as the fishing goes, it seems the nearly daily striped bass blitzes have died down.  They may occasionally find a school of peanuts in the surf, but those bites have been short lived.  Most anglers getting fish are working the beach structure with bucktails, swimbaits, and swimming plugs and are finding a nice pick of fish.  Compared to last week it may seem slow, but this is typical fall run fishing for those who put in the time and effort. 

Here are some notable catches.


Mark Connor with a 34 inch, 15.4 pound bass taken on a Daiwa SP Minnow.


There are still some nice fish around.  This one fell for a bucktail.


Steve with a 32 inch, 9.95 pound bass caught on frozen vac packed bunker! He also had a 29” fish that he released.

Ray had a different idea for the grumpy Santa fundraiser this year.  We all quickly vetoed it…