Happy Easter Weekend

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Happy Easter Weekend

First, for the holiday weekend, we will be open normal “winter” hours.  In other words, opening at 7:00 am and closing at 7:00 pm.  This includes Easter Sunday.  Starting on Monday we will be starting “summer” hours, which are opening at 4:30 am and closing at 8:00 pm.  The morning crew are way less happy about the new hours than the evening crew is.  So if they seem extra Grumpy this upcoming week, that might be it. Or the Easter bunny didn’t put anything good in their Easter basket.  Who really knows what sets off the morning crew…


All of the Van Staal VSX bail-less reels in inventory in the online store and in the shop have the new, upgraded rotors.  These new rotors will eliminate any line contact with sharp edges or right angles.  If you were waiting on this upgrade to grab a new Van Staal, now is the time to pull the trigger.


We had a delivery of ODM Evolution blanks, from 8 foot to 11 foot.  One of the most technically advanced and arguably the nicest blank you can get a rod built on, we are now fully stocked for any Evolution you need.  Come see Bob to get your custom order started.  Or, if you do not want to wait, pick up a “Custom Spec” from the shop or online. 


For those buying reels in our online store, you now have a choice to get your reel spooled with either PowerPro or Cortland Masterbraid when you put a reel in your cart.  We have PowerPro available from 20 pound-test to 80 pound-test in 3 colors (green, yellow or white) and have Master braid available from 15 pound-test to 50 pound-test in two colors (green or blue).  When you choose your line, make sure the circle below your choice has a green check mark and then click “Spool My Reel”.  Or click “No Thanks” if you want to do it yourself, but remember, that will make Ray cry (as he does most of our professional reel spooling)…


We added a new product to the lure line-up in the online store.  The Nomad Designs Madscad Stickbait is now available online.  This lure is responsible for fooling all types of fish.  It’s a sub-surface walk-the-dog stick bait that can be worked slow or fast with long or short twitches of the rod tip. A stop start retrieve creates an erratic swimming action that fish simply cannot resist.


We restocked on Super Strike Lures, and added a new color, Mahi, to both the Zig Zag Darter and Bottle Neck Swimmers

Last week we announced a contest where we were giving away two $50 gift certificates for the first two striped bass caught from the surf.  One has been claimed, but the other is still available.  Details on the contest is in our Instagram Post

Fishing for striped bass remains good in the bay.  Blood worms are the preferred natural bait, while small rubber shads and small plastic swimmers are working for those who are throwing lures. 

We hear of a couple of striped bass caught ocean side by anglers fishing clams, but they either did not know of our contest or did not take a photo of their fish, so they did not qualify.  But with the warmer weather the oceanside is starting to show signs of life.

Here are some notable catches:


Congratulations to @1a.f1ama.b1anca on winning the first $50 Grumpy Gift Card in our surf tournament. This fish was caught on an SP Minnow in the IBSP Surf.  There is still another git card available to win.


Ed Parducci with a beautiful bass caught locally in the bay on Bloodworms. The back bay is giving up some nice fish right now.

Ray wanna Easter Egg! Ray wanna Easter Egg!  Ray wanna Easter Egg! (If you know, you know…)