Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day from Grumpys Tackle.

We’ll go right to the fishing report for this one.

Fluke fishing from the surf has been bordering on excellent.  We have heard anglers say “they are all over the place” and while that isn’t technically true, it doesn’t take a lot of searching to find them.  They have been caught in the surf, in the inlet, in the bay and out at the nearshore wrecks and reefs.  Bucktails and Gulp! are the hot setup.  We have not heard of any single color Gulp! getting hot yet, but the usual suspects (Pearl, Chartreuse, Pink Shine, New Penny, Salmon Red) are all working, as are some of the less popular, more unique color combos.

We have fielded a lot of questions about the new fluke regulations.  For New Jersey, they are currently 2 fish between 17 inches and 17.9999 inches, and one fish over 18 inches.  If you are fishing on Island Beach State Park, the regulations are 2 fish over 16 inches.  We are going to clear up a couple of questions we have received often in the shop lately:

  • You don’t have to catch two fish between 17 and 17.9999 before you can keep an over 18 inch fish. They can be caught in any order. 
  • If you are fishing from land on Island Beach State Park, your limit is two fish over 16 inches. You do not get to choose which regulations you get to follow.  In other words, do not keep three fish on IBSP.
  • If you are fishing in a boat near Island Beach State Park, the limit is 2 fish between 17 inches and 17.9999 inches, and one fish over 18 inches. You must be fishing from shore for the 2 at 16 inches to kick in.

Bluefish are in the surf and are being taken on mullet, cut bunker or popping plugs. 

The striped bass are still around and are taking clams and sand fleas in the surf.  If you are fishing clams, there is still a shot at a black drum, but that fishery seems to be slowing down. 

Here are some of the more notable recent catches:


Adam Caris with a 22” 4 pound fluke off the beach


Absolute Monster of a Triggerfish! Speared by spearfisherman Joe. The fish weighed in at almost 4 pounds.


Brett with a nice fluke caught on a 3/8oz Fluke Nuke Em with a piece of Gulp!


Legendary Larry strikes again with a nice fluke caught on the surf using bucktails and Gulp!


Fluke are in the Bay. Excellent reports this weekend from the bay as well as the ocean on the fluke bite.


Scott K with a 19 inch, 2.55 pound surf caught fluke. It fell for Gulp! fished on bucktail.


Another day, and another keeper for @bstoune. He said beach conditions are prime for fluke! His fish was caught on an S&S Fluke Nukem and Gulp!

Ray was so excited about Independence Day he ran out of work early.  We have video of his escape…