Happy July!

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Happy July!

First, some "adjacent to the shop" news…

Continuing on the “Grumpys crew likes their food” theme from the last report, another of our favorite restaurants has re-opened for the summer last Friday.  We are happy Mad Fish Company is back, as they are the best spot on the Island to get boat-to-table takeout seafood.  You can also eat in, if that is your preference.  We recommend the fried flounder Sammy, but anything from Mad Fish is fresh and excellent.  Check them out this upcoming weekend. 

We are going to pass on shop news for this report.  We have a few big orders on the way, but not much shop news to report right at the moment. Stay tuned for some new items.

Fishing remains decent in the surf for fluke.  The water is still a little cold for this time of year, but the fluke in the surf have been cooperating.  Bucktails and Gulp!, as usual. 

The bluefish have slowed a little but the are still around.  And the ones around now are a good eating size if you are one to eat bluefish.  Poppers, swimmers, mullet or bunker.

In the bay, the hot bite is spot.  You can get them by tipping a sabiki rig with fishbites, small pieces of squid, or small pieces of clam.  You may also find some blowfish doing this. 

And the best news for or report, the crabbing is currently off the hook right now.  We have had good reports locally and from other areas of the bay, both north and west of us. 

Some notable catches: 

Jerry Fabiano took a break from pickleball and went fishing.  He said “10 casts, 8 fish” and came home with a pair of fluke up to 23” 4.75 lbs. He said the fishing was so good, even @shell_e._caris could have caught fish. Shots have been fired…

For anyone who has plans or intentions of interacting with Scott in the near future, July is not going to be your month.  He will be away from the shop more often than he will be here.  Way more often.  We have an award at Grumpys for the person who is away from the shop the most on schedule work days (for any reason) and Ray, with his multiple annual camping trips per year, bouts of hypochondria, and not-so-occasional decisions that it is “good to be the boss” (where he ditches work to go fishing), is usually a shoe-in for this award.  Maybe not for this year.  We think Scott is going to give him a good run at it.  Of course, it is the rest of us who are not in the running for this award that end up paying for it…