Incredibly, it’s definitely not over. 

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Incredibly, it’s definitely not over. 

It’s incredible, but we still have good bass fishing in the surf.  What is even more incredible is what they are eating.  Bunker.  Full size and peanuts.  The fishing is like November, the weather is like January. 

We understand this seems unbelievable.  We are shocked ourselves.  Some of you may even be thinking this is a hoax by us to sell more bait.  I assure you it is not.  The fish we heard of were not being caught on bait.  They were being caught on lures, and they are lures we have been talking about for most of the fall run, and in some cases, these lures have been catching fish all year.  So you should have these lures by now.  Just go out and fish. We have no idea how much longer this will last.

We heard from a number of anglers, pretty much all of them live locally, that were out catching striped bass.  They were getting them on surface plugs, plastic swimmers like SP minnows and X-Raps, gliders and white swim shads.

Here is proof from some of the angler who were kind enough to send us pictures.


On Saturday local angler (and real estate agent) Allen Gonzales sent us some pictures.  He caught multiple bass on gliders.  Here is one of the fish, plus the header picture above is also one of Al's fish.   If you want to see the rest check out our Facebook or Instagram pages. 


He also snagged an adult bunker. 


On Sunday, Shel E Caris sent us this photo of a bass he got out on IBSP.  He got his on surface lures.


His fish were chasing peanut bunker. 


JM Basile sent us this picture of a fat striped bass he caught north of the shop.  This one fell for a Yo-Zuri Mag Darter


Ron Donner sent us this picture of one of the 8 fish he caught on Sunday, from 20 to 27.5 inches long.  This one fell for a Rapala X Rap

The astute readers will notice that in the pictures that show what lures the angler was using, the lure was either white or bone colored.  That last sentence was added for the not-so-astute readers…

So, I’ve said on more than one occasion, the stuff that happens in the shop is way more funny than anything I can make up about Ray.  The following two short “videos” occurred two weeks ago, and I was hesitant to use them as they border on cruel and unusual punishment.  But, since after that huge order, we still haven’t seen the pizza we were promised, I have changed my mind…

So Blackcloud Bob receives a tank of helium, and some balloons.  He may or may not have received them from Grumpy Hisself for the purpose of causing some mayhem, but he somehow came into possession of them.  He also had an extra car key from his previous vehicle laying around, with which he hatched an awesome (or awful, from Ray’s point of view) prank.  Now, the key was the same brand as Ray’s truck.  Bob fills up enough balloons with helium to float the key, and then the following happens:


 They didn’t make it to orbit, as they got caught in the telephone wires outside the shop.  Ray at this point is a little suspicious that was his key, so he goes back in to check.  He finds his key missing from where he normally puts it.  At this point, he starts getting mad, saying “it’s all fun and games until it gets serious” when he realizes the item Bob just put next to him on the freezer is his actual key (that Bob stole earlier in the evening).  “You’re a bunch of jerks” is his next comment, as we all laughed at him.  You can see his reaction here:


We really need a camera crew in this store…