Shop News – Then Fish News

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Shop News – Then Fish News

We received some new stuff this week that is pretty cool.  The first is a new lure from Madd Mantis.  Shel E Caris has been using them very successfully off the surf, but they have also proven themselves for tuna on the offshore grounds.  What are they?  They are the Madd Mantis Quake.  They are a 6 inch, 1.65 oz sinking stick bait that drops horizontally and wobbles as it drops.  On a slow retrieve it swims with a slight wobble that drives fish nuts.  You can also add twitches or long pulls of the rod tip to add more action on a retrieve.   We have them both in shop and online. 


We received a fresh shipment of Blue Falcon Plugs.  They sent us the AT-4 Danny style swimmer and the Javelin slope head metal lip swimmer.  These are killer small swimmers when striped bass are on peanut bunker, herring or mullet in the surf.  The AT-4 swims on the surface on a slow retrieve while the Javelin dives on retrieve, but will swim on the surface with a slow retrieve.  We have them both in 5 different fishy colors.  These never last long, so don’t wait until spring to pick one up.

Frankie Z is back!  Look at that nicely healed wrist.  If you have been waiting for this event because you have a reel in need of a little TLC, you can now bring it in.  He’s gonna be backed up.  Don’t wait until you need the reel in the spring. 


And we have a new sign.  Shel E Caris was instrumental in getting this project done, right up until it came to hanging it.  That part was all Blackcloud Bob.  Come check it out.

 It's unbelievable the fishery we have had this January in the local surf.  The reports have gotten scarce the last few days, we suspect because the cold snap we had made the anglers opt for something warmer than standing on the beach.  But we had the occasional report that the striped bass were still in the surf and still hitting lures.  What lures?  White swim shads, gliders, Quakes, SP minnows, and Tsunami Sand Eels


George Miller got into them earlier in the week.  They were hitting Tsunami Sand eels and Scabelly Cut-tail Gliders

As for the upcoming couple of days, we have a window of NW winds which will make it cold, but fishable.  On Sunday we have some nastier weather moving in during the afternoon, but if you want a shot at a January bass, there will be time this weekend.

No story about Ray today, just something fun to do with (to) him.  Enjoy…