It Has Blown Wide Open

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It Has Blown Wide Open

But first, shop news.

Thanks to everyone who came to our Spring Sale and also came to cast a rod.  And thank you to those who participated online. 

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So how is the fishing?  You haven’t heard?  Since out last report the fishing has blown wide open.  But it isn’t what you expect, and It is something that no one who works here recalls seeing in the past 40 years.  Large black drum have invaded Barnegat Bay.  As far up as the Toms River (and maybe further north) on both the east and west side, anglers are catching drum from around 20 pounds up to over 50 pounds by soaking a fresh clam on the bottom.  The bites have been better in the evenings, but the morning bite has been nearly as good.  We don’t know how long this bite will last since we haven’t seen anything like it before, but man has it caused some excitement around here.

And there is more big news!  The surf has been quiet(ish) through most of the weekend, giving up the occasion slot or oversized striped bass here or there.  Monday, that changed as the reports of striped bass from the surf started flowing into the shop.  The bite has all been on fresh clams, but the action was excellent for those who passed on the drum and went to the beach instead. 

We have plenty of fresh clams IN THE SHELL for those who want to participate in either of these fisheries.

Here are some (but not all) of the recent notable catches:

Cover Shot:  Our very own @seansmida and @jenni_jsa were reeling in the big ones Sunday morning.

Bob Ferguson with a nice black drum caught locally in the bay.


Tammy with one of the largest Black Drum we’ve seen come out of our bay.


Taylor with another large drum from the bay.

It wasn’t all drum in the bay.  @do_itall_dave had a number of bass into the night on Saturday.

The drum are so thick even Scott caught one. 

@swimducklures with a drum from late Saturday.

@do_itall_dave had a night.  In his words:  “Fished to 11:30pm last night. Steve and I got around 15 Bass, ranging from 20”-33”. All safely released to grow💪🏼. The Bass looked strong and healthy Steve got that drum on the first cast around 7pm. Absolutely epic night! Thanks again Ray! everyone at the shop is the BEST.”

Ken & Laine Konopka enjoyed a lovely day at the beach

The drum bite has become so good it is hallucinogenic.  @schoolie_king and @ac_tr3 with some nice drum and questionable perceptions.


@rhat5163 with one of 6 drum he landed Monday morning.

@areyouthomas’s pops with yet another nice drum.

Wayne and Jim had a successful Monday in the surf, reeling in a pair of slot bass using fresh grumpy clams.

As if the influx of black drum isn’t weird enough, here is another candidate for weird occurrence this April.  Also, proof the people targeting blackfish near snaggy structure are just unnecessarily losing rigs.  Bob Ferguson with a 21” 4.8 lb tog caught while fishing for drum in the bay. 

Paulie came into the shop for some advice and got his first drum! He got three between him and his dad Monday.

With all the fresh clams in the shell we have been bringing in, we are seeing changes in Ray.  He is kinda becoming a monster.  Like a Clamsquatch….