Spring Stock Up Sale & Casting Demos Weekend

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Spring Stock Up Sale & Casting Demos Weekend

First, shop news…

This weekend is our casting demo and Spring Stock Up Sale Weekend.  First, the sale.  Details are in the graphic above.  The folks working in the shop will take care of all of your discounts and freebies in the shop.  Here is how it will work online.  The items that are 15% off will be discounted automatically in your cart.  No need to enter a discount code. 

For the free Cortland Master Braid offer, when you put the reel in your cart, if it qualifies for free line, you will get a popup asking if you want free line and giving you the choice of what line you want.  At this point, if you don’t want Cortland, you have the option to choose PowerPro at regular price.  Select your pound-test and make sure the small circle below the line choice has a green check in it.  Then click “Spool My Reel!” 

For the free Swarter, just add the Frost colored 6 inch Swarter in your cart along with two others of any size and color.  When you go to checkout the system will discount the Frost colored Swarter as free. 

The casting demo is going to go as follows:

The casting demo will be across the street on the grass.  Bring your favorite reel to see how it casts on any of the above rods.  Or, we will have a variety of reels to try. 

We have one new product on the site since the last report.  This is one we have had a lot of requests for.  We now have replacement side cutters available for the Danco Premio line of pliers.  Cutting fishing line, especially braid, eventually wears out even the best cutters, so when you need to replace them, we have them.

The fishing in the bay is pretty much status quo.  Bass on bloodworms.  The difference is that the ocean side fishing has been picking up.  We are getting regular reports of bass falling for clams fished in the surf.  It’s starting.

For those on “Bluefish Watch”, we are keeping our eyes and ears open.  We will let you know when we hear something definitive about them.

So, last Saturday (April 6th), the Shark River Surf Anglers held their annual Kid’s Trout Tournament in Spring Lake.  This is a great event.  If you have a young angler, this is a great fishing contest to take them to.  Everyone who attends loves this tournament. 

Except Scott.

For the second year in a row, Scott has attempted to catch one of the stocked trout and failed.  And it is not like he made 5 casts and gave up.  He put in a few hours of effort.  To put it in perspective, Ray’s Son and Sean’s Daughter put in a good effort, landing 3 nice trout out of 6 hits.  It wasn’t their best Trout Tournament results, but the weather on Saturday made the fishing a little tougher than normal and this was a respectable result.  By comparison, Scott got nothing.  No fish, no hits.  Every child there did as well, if not better than Scott. 

Now if you think it’s unfair to Scott that it was 2 against one, it wasn’t.  Scott had Jenni on his team.  She did as well as Scott.

Trout win by knockout.