It Still Feels Like Summer

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It Still Feels Like Summer

First, shop news

We got some nice new power handles in from Gomexus.  The wire line and mojo trollers are going to loves these, as will the guys doing tuna on a budget.  The Gomexus Stainless Steel Power Handles are a nice replacement for a reel that, other than for its stock handle, is a great reel.  Th models we have these for that fit that description are the Penn Special Senators and the Shimano TLD reels.  The senators are a staple workhorse for anglers trolling wire line and spoons for striped bass. As anyone who has done this knows, reeling in a full spool of wire (fish on the end or not) with a Penn Senator with a stock handle is not fun.  This handle will make it less like work and more like a day fishing.  Similarly, the Shimano TLD reels are one of the best reels you can get for tuna fishing without going the solid frame, lostsa money reel options like the Internationals or Tiagras.  The weak spot is, again, the handle, as pulling in a tuna or large shark seems more like work than the fun it should be  Add a power handle to this reel to give you more cranking power and take some of the stress off your wrist and forearm. 

We received a large order from BKK, and added a few new items to the brick & mortar store and the online shop.  First is the BKK Fangs 63-UA Treble Hook. These trebles are 3x strong and covered with an anti-rust coating, making them the perfect replacement hook for saltwater lures.  And since we are coming up on the start of the fall run, you will want to replace any rusted hooks on your lures before the fish show up.

We have also added the BKK Heavy Cover hook.  While designed to be used in freshwater, this hook is stainless steel so it will stand up to the salt environment, and the unique hook keeper will be great when using soft plastics suck as Fin-S Fish, Sluggos, Z-man Jek Shads, and various forms of Gulp!

We also now have bulk packs available for the BKK Surf Baitholder-R Hook.

We also had ODM stop by this week, and we have topped off on all ODM products.  This is the perfect time of year to upgrade your bag to a ODM Surfwave, or get a new rod like the D.N.A. or Genesis.  We also have “Custom Specs” available in just about every model of the ODM Evolution is you want to really treat yourself. 

The fishing is………. The same.  Participation is well down now that it is no longer "summer", but the fluke and small blue fish are still in the surf, the “funny fish” (False albacore, bonito and Spanish mackerel) are still popping up here and there, and the bay is still loaded with snapper bluefish, spot and blowfish. 

This extra warm weather (for early September) may be keeping the mullet and peanut bunker in the bays for the moment, but will still suspect the full moon next week will start them moving out. 

So did anyone see Frankie Z’s video on the Grumpy’s Facebook and Instagram pages announcing the new Gomexus handles?  If you did not, you should go check it out.  You may be wondering why it wasn’t one of our usual videos of Scott making a product announcement.  Well, as Frank said, Scott took the day off to chase his ultimate dream, to be a competitive eating champion.  Scott idolizes Joey Chestnut, and hopes to one day challenge him at the table.  Today, Scott entered a pie eating contest.  Based on this look, we don’t think he did that well.  Joey Chestnut’s status is safe for now…


And he also didn’t bring any leftover pie to Frank.  Now Frank is sad too…