Late Season Bass

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Late Season Bass

Grumpy Santa News:  While Grumpy Santa Hisself is feeling much better, out of an abundance of caution, Ray has decided to cancel the sit-down part of the Grumpy Santa event.  To be clear, grumpy is OK, but Ray doesn’t want to wear him out again with a sit down event.  We will keep the donation box for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital on the counter until “almost Christmas”. 

In Shop news, we now have the new RH Custom Rods Airstrike Surf Rods available online.  We are already on our second order of these and they are flying out the door.  Check them out.

Do you own a pickup truck?  Do you like to fish offshore for pelagics like tuna and wahoo?  Having trouble getting those large rods in your Portarod Inshore rod holder?  We have your solution.  We now have the Portarod Offshore Rod Holder.  A heavy duty version of the inshore, it will handle those heavy rods with the 50 wides on them.  We also have the add on rod holders for them.   

It seems like the fishing has slowed down, but it is more likely just the participation has dropped off.  The weather has turned colder, the size of the fish has dropped off a bit, and anglers have had, in many cases, the best fall run of their lives, so we can understand not being as motivated to go now.  But, if you want to bend a rod, the fish are still there.  They are smaller, and sand eel imitations are doing the job.  Lures like Ava jigs, Bill Hurley Lures, Tsunami holographic sand eels, and needlefish plugs are working.  And don’t forget a teaser

Also, almost all of the reports we have received say the time to fish is first light until they stop biting, which has been sometime mid-morning. 

The blackfishing is heating up.  Green crabs or white leggers on rigs or jigs have been taking plenty of nice fish.

Speaking of blackfishing, Ray went out Tuesday.  How did he do?  Well, the picture speaks for itself.