Not Just Bass, Blues and Fluke anymore...

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Not Just Bass, Blues and Fluke anymore...

First, some shop news. 

 Thanks everyone who came through the shop or virtually visited the online store this Memorial Day Weekend.  We really appreciate all the love we receive from our customers. 


We added a new product from Z-Man this weekend.  We now carry the Z-Man Scented Jerk BaitZ.  They are similar in design to the Fin_S fish but, as the name suggests they are scented.  Scented with what?  Pro-Cure Bait Scents Super Gel Fish Attractant, specifically the Mullet flavor.  The other difference between these and other “fluke style” baits is the material.  Z-Man are made with ElaZtech, which is a very durable, very soft, very stretchable soft plastic. Lures made of this stuff are nearly bluefish-proof.  We say nearly because after catching enough bluefish, any lure will be finished.  ElaZtech lures stand up to multiple bluefish.

Last week I titled the report “We are Running Out of Titles that Say Bass, Bluefish, and Fluke Fishing is Good” and then in the “Excerpt Section” of the fishing report (below the picture on the reports page if you have no idea what I am talking about), I said “Someone go catch something different to spice this up...”.  Well, ask and thee shall receive, as a few of you went out and did just that.  Read on…

The striped bass fishing in the surf still remains good.  As usual, they are eating clams.  We hear of the occasion one on bunker, and anglers fishing at night are reporting them on lures (Bomber Long A’s seem popular all of a sudden…), but clams are still the primary bait to use.  It does not seem that fresh shucked or salted are making much of a difference either.

Bluefish are still being caught in the surf on poppers

And the new species being caught, ie the “spice” of this report is that we had multiple reports (and weigh ins) of black drum.  They have taken clams also.  And for those that have hooked one of these fish, they put up a heck of a fight.  They are not fast, but they are strong and will bulldog you the whole way. 

In the bay, the blue fishing remains good, but it seems the fish have moved to either end of the bay, either north or south.  The mid-bay has been slower that it was the past few weeks.  Poppers and soft plastics have been the key.

Fluke fishing remains at a good pick all over.  The bay, the inlets and now the surf have all given up fish.  Bucktails and Gulp!

Some notable catches:

Our cover shot, This is what it’s all about! Good job boys! @c3_fishing

Ed Zak with a 18.5” 2.3 lb surf fluke

@dom.cataline with a nice one he just sent us on a darter.

Drum roll pleaseeeee! Here’s  brother and sister Jack and Grace who teamed up in catching this 14.10LB Black Drum! They took turns reeling this one in! They released 2 other drum as well. Caught on Grumpy Clams off the surf.

Edd back at it again with the fluke! A nice slot weighing out at 2.55lbs.


Luke with a 27.9 LB Black Drum, 37 inches caught on clams in the surf

Michael with his 37” 17.65lb striper named “Chonk”. Chonk had a hankering for some Grumpy Clam for breakfast.

Italy’s Best Nick out here with a JUMBO DRUM 49lbs on the dot!! Similar to Chonk the striper, Mega Drum also was craving the Grumpy Clam

Adam Marmolejo with a nice fluke on his brand new Grumpy Custom @odmrods Evolution! Fish was 25” 5.70lbs caught in the inlet on Gulp! Nice fish Adam!

Dillon Cilento with a 20” 3.5 lb fluke caught on Gulp! in the surf! He also had blues, bass, and lost a suspected drum!

With the holiday this past weekend, we had a lot of out-of-town visitors coming in from all over the tri-state area.  Ray and Jenni did their best to blend in…