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Pandemonium Level Bluefishing

Just a quick reminder, the Berkeley Striper Club is holding an outdoor flea market across the street from our shop on Saturday.  We will have a table there with some discounted items, but, if you keep your wristband on and come into the store, you can take 10% off your order (though some restrictions do apply). 

The fishing has been phenomenal the past couple days.  If you are in a spot where the blues show up, it’s pandemonium.  But I will let some customer photos speak for it:

The first is from Rich Lutz.

The Second is from Sarah Nadine (who apparently knows Rich Lutz from the previous photo)

And the third was submitted by Tom Lynch of Angry Fish Gallery in Point Pleasant.  What do you do when the bite is going off and you have to watch your 9 month old?  If you are Pete Devlin, this is what you do.  Brooke, however, seems less impressed with Dad’s ingenuity as we are. 


For those wondering, that is an SP minnow that fooled that fish.  We have heard SP minnows have been working well.

And speaking os SP Minnows, Bobby Bullock sent us a DM on Instagram that an SP he bought yesterday morning landed him a fluke in the surf later that day.  Yes, a pre-season fluke, which Bobby released. 

The picture of Chaka on Instagram from yesterday is up to almost 2000 likes as of the writing of this report.  If it gets over 2000 likes, Chaka will grow a half inch.  Give a like and help the kid out.

With all the fishing going on, Sheldon had to get into the act.  He wasn’t quite as successful as Chaka…