Pencils, Options, and Ray's Halloween Costume.

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Pencils, Options, and Ray's Halloween Costume.

In shop news, we have added another Gibbs product to the online store.  This time, it’s the Classic Series Pencil Popper.  Through the years these plugs are responsible for catching lots of large striped bass and monster bluefish.  A perfect plug when long casts are needed to reach blitzing fish, but also a great “search plug” when no fish are showing as the action on a pencil popper will pull fish from the deep to investigate the commotion.  This plug is so iconic that rod companies designed rods specifically for fishing them.  We have them in 5 sizes ranged from 6 inches / 1 oz to 8 ½ inch / 3 ½ oz and 8 different fish raising colors.

We also did a bunch of restocks.  Some SP minnow colors were restocked, including the popular bone color.  Really, if you only have one SP Minnow, get bone. 

We also restocked Flexx-Rap, so those of you who havn’t gone fishing for fear of cutting your finger on your braided line, don’t fret.  Get some Flexx-rap and fish with peace of mind about the safety of your fingertip. 

The small FJ Neil Supreme bag was restocked.  This is a great bag for carrying your lures for plying the back bays, or for smaller plugs in the surf, like we see in the late season.  Make this one your “going light” plug bag.

We also added some more stock of the DNG Tackle Dividers, so you can fish instead of dealing with a “barrel of monkeys” plug tangle. 

The Boomerang Tools SNIPs have been popular, so we reloaded on them too. 

Last, and certainly not least, we have added plenty of Grumpy Sandstorm surf rods.  Both the 9 footer and the new 10’6” rod.  Get a rod designed by Blackcloud Bob at an off-the-shelf price. 

As far as fishing goes, the weekend was a little slow.  We did hear of some bass around, but saw a slowdown in the catch rate.  As we have said before, the people that went searching did better than those that camped out in one spot. 

We also heard about some blackfish and nice triggerfish in the Barnegat Inlet area. 

However, all of that will be old news as there is a coastal storm that is going to gum up the works for a couple of days.  All hope is not lost, as there are still bass in the back bay.  If you don’t mind getting rained on, you can find some light tackle action on schoolie bass in Barnegat Bay.  Here’s your proof:


CJ took his kayak out behind his house and managed a keeper sized bass.


Our own Online Sales Manager took a quick trip on the boat with his brother Saturday and managed some (very) small bass in Barnegat Bay.  They all fell for white Kettle Creek Shads on S&S Bucktails Bullethead Jigs

For Halloween we are trying to convince Ray to dress up as Uncle Fester from the Adams Family.  Below is a concept sketch.  What do you think?