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Phew!  That was fun…


It was a very buys week in the shop.  Our Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale was a hit, both in the shop and online.  Thanks to everyone who came in or ordered online.

We received two orders of custom plugs this weekend.  The first, an order of Scabellys, sold out in the shop in an hour and fifteen minutes on Monday.  We actually had people leaving the bite on the beach to come get them.  And even up to Tuesday evening we had people calling the shop or coming in to see if we still had them. We got a good laugh out of those.

The other order was some metal lipped swimmers from Blue Falcon.  They are the perfect size to imitate the bait the striped bass are feeding on right now.  Unfortunately, they have also nearly sold out, but there are a couple left on the pegs at the current moment.

Late yesterday evening we received another order restocking our swim shads, both the Tsunami swim shads and the Storm swim shads.  We also got in some Tsunami Talking poppers.  All of these have been working very well over the weekend.

As far as the fishing goes, Monday was a continuation of the great fishing we had over the weekend, but the fishing on Tuesday did not hold up to that standard.  So maybe now it’s over, or maybe it’s just a pause in the action to let the fish digest. 

We did hear of some fish being caught out on Island Beach State Park after the sun went down yesterday.  Good fishing, but not red hot, and only in a few certain areas (and don’t ask, we don’t know the specific areas…).  SP Minnows, Mag Darters, swim shads, metal lipped swimmers and ava jigs with teasers were working. 

We are not going to pick on Ray today.  He deserves a break.  Bob, on the other hand, is fair game.  Bob has been very vocal recently on his dislike (understatement) of any Christmas music being played prior to December 20th.  When it is played prior to Thanksgiving, he is even more vocal.  Scott has declared there will be a Christmas music war.  Bob has, in response, transformed to his true self…


(For the record, since GIF files don’t have audio, he is saying “I am going to kill you now” and it sounds suspiciously like Stewie from Family Guy).