Post Halloween Report

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Post Halloween Report

As usual, shop news first (as you come down from that candy binge)

We have added a few new items to the shop.  First up are new premium Grumpy Winter Hats.  These have a collegiate look with Grumpys written around the hat, have a Grumpys patch stitched to the cuff, and have a stylish pop-pom on top.  Look at how good they make Scott look.  If they can do that for him, imagine what they can do for you. 

We added two new lines of reels from Daiwa.  First is the Daiwa Fuego LT, a lightweight reel along the lines of the Daiwa Ballistic MQ LT or the Shimano Vanford, but a little more budget friendly.  These lightweight reels are great for a full day of casting lures.  Try one out, your rotator cuff will thank you.

The next is perfect for those looking for a very budget friendly reel to put on a loaner rod, or for those who have kids who love fishing and keep destroying their parent’s reels like some big green Marvel character.  The holidays are coming, why not get “mini-hulk” his or her own reel?  The Daiwa Crossfire LT is a great option.  A nicely priced reel that doesn’t feel like a nicely priced reel, you may want to keep it yourself once you see it.

We have also restocked in-store and online with MaiTai Legal Striped Bass Snag & Drop rigs (which are selling quickly), almost every other model Daiwa reel (Piles of Daiwa boxes showed up Wednesday), and some Otter Tails that were out of stock. 

How is the fishing?  It seems the moon moving away from full and/or the cold front that pushed through recently has sparked up the fishing again.  We are hearing reports of good striped bass fishing closer to the shop.  More north of the shop, but that body of fish is getting closer every day.  We also had a number of good reports from Island Beach State Park.  Bunker chunks are working for those who are fishing bait, while those throwing lures are doing best on metal lipped swimmers, swim shads, plastic swimmers and bucktails

If you have been waiting to go, now would be the time…

Some recent notable catches:

Dom again!  He is creeping while you’re sleeping! He had more good fish Wednesday night.

Roger II Grande with a tank caught locally on an SP minnow!

Shel E Caris with some nice fish taken today on a Next Level Peanut Swimmer.

More local fish being reported! Here’s @n3w_j3rzy_fish3rman_732 with a fish caught in ocean county on a pencil.  (Yeah, we noticed the conflict between the screen name and the hat too…. 😊 )

Scott felt so good in the new hats, he actually felt smarter.  He was so inspired that, instead of going fishing, he is now teaching himself to read.  He is up to a first grade level already.  We are all so very proud of him.  "See Scott Read, Read Scott Read"