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Post-Henri Report

For those who like storms, the hype and then actual impact of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Henri was a big disappointment.  For those who are not a fan, it was a big relief.  For anglers who were worried about if adversely affecting the good fishing we have been having, it seems like it has not.

But first, some shop news…

We got in a small order from Shimano.  Getting stuff from Shimano has been tough, so we are happy when anything comes in.  In this box, we got a few Shimano Stradic 5000 and a few Tranx 400.  If you need one, grab one while you can.  The Tranx are currently available in-store only, but if you need one shipped, hit us up on the Contact Us page and we will work out how to get it to you. 

Now, for the fishing…

The storm didn’t ruin the fluke fishing.  Nor did it chase away the cow- nosed rays.  We had a couple people come in today for new line because a ray took most of what they had.  As for the fluke, they are still falling for a piece of Gulp! presented on a bucktail

Here are some of the submissions/weigh-ins since our last report.


A.Yanucil sent in this picture of a 21 inch fluke that fell for a bucktail and Gulp! combo from the IBSP Surf.


Andy weighed in this nice 4.15 pound fluke taken from a boat. 


A post-storm fluke, Jarrett Dial weighed in a 2.4 pound, 19 inch fluke from the surf, taken on a bucktail with Gulp!


Do you all remember Jackson?  If not, read about him here and here.  Jackson’s Dad broke down and bought him his own rod a Tica Rod and Daiwa BG Reel.  Jackson was able to get his first fluke on it today, plus 5 others.  All were shorts, but Jackson was happy.  Probably not as happy as his Dad, who was both very proud of Jackson and also happy he got to fish too since Jackson no longer needs to steal his rod. 

On the bayside, the blowfish bite is still insane.  Lots of fish available to those who chum, and salted clams, squid, or Fishbites have been landing them.  And you don’t even need a boat to do it, as proven in the following picture, submitted by Joseph Castiglia. 


There are snappers falling for spearing hung under a bobber, or snapper poppers, off the local docks.  These are lots of fun for kids.

If you are looking for Ray, he is on vacation, again.  He works hard to keep this place stocked with stuff for you to use to make your fishing trips successful, so he has earned it.  And with how difficult it has been getting certain products in, and the fact he has been able to get them, he has really earned it.  He is off on one of his famous (or is it infamous?) camping trips.