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Post-Scabelly Recovery and More Fishing Reports

Yesterday was fun.  We posted the Scabelly plugs at midnight and they were sold out by 9:00 am the next morning.  Do you all even sleep?  Anyway, Scabelly is already working on his next batch for us.  What time of day do you want us to post them up when they get here?  Hit us up on the Contact Us page.  We are accepting all suggestions, though we reserve the right to ignore any and/or all of them. 


Today in shop news we received a small shipment of Shimano reels.  We got a few of Stradic 3000’s and a couple Saragosa 5000’s.  These may last only slightly longer that a Scabelly plug. Stop into the shop if you want one.

We also got in a bunch of buckets of fresh shucked clams, which is good, because there are still a lot of critters in the surf that like clams.

The drum are still in the surf on ISBP.  We heard of a number of them caught in the morning on salted and fresh shucked clams. 

There have also been stripers around.  They are also still preferring bait, both clams and fresh bunker.  There have been a couple “over-slot” fish caught, and a few more slot fish landed. 

Anglers are still getting fluke in the surf on Jigs and Gulp! (surprise… surprise…).  We are also hearing of fluke coming out of both inlets on ….   wait for it   …..    jigs and Gulp!

The bluefish are in the surf too.  We have been hearing they are being caught on fresh bunker for those soaking bait, and on poppers, SP Minnows, and mag darters for those throwing lures.  MarcChafetz sent us this photo of a picturesque bluefish he landed Wednesday on IBSP.


Some of you may have noticed that, new to the shop this year, we have music in the store.  Ray has been playing a lot of reggae lately.  When he got in today, he even shut off the country music that someone else put on (an act Blackcloud Bob and I were thankful for) to put on reggae.  There can only be one explanation…