Post Storm Report

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Post Storm Report

First, shop news…

Not new to the shop, but new to the online store, we have added Berkley® Fusion19™ Bucktail Jigs to the site.  These are the OG multi tie fluke jigs, the one that influenced the other designs.  Made by the folks that bring you Gulp!, these are designed to work perfectly with Berkley Gulp!.  While it might be the middle of winter, fluke season will be here before you know it…

So how is the fishing?  Well, the recent storm kept everyone off the water.  Since things have settled down, we have heard that the striped bass are still in the surf.  They are small, so you are going to want to scale down your gear (think 7’10” Sandstorm or 7’6” ODM DNA Back Bay for the rod) and your presentations.  Small Ava jigs with teasers, Bill Hurley sand eels, Tsunami Holographic Sand Eels, small swim shads, or small swimming plugs

The blackfishing was good before the blow.  We unfortunately haven’t heard anything about how it is now. 

Ray is currently out sick.  Here is the story on how that happened:

On Sunday, as his beloved Washington Commanders showed they were in the league for a good draft pick next draft, Ray decided to embark on a quest to create the world's silliest sandwich.

Ray started by heading to the local grocery store armed with a shopping list that read like a comedy script. He picked up marshmallow-flavored pickles, anchovy-infused chocolate spread, and bubblegum-flavored cheese. As he navigated the aisles, he couldn't resist tossing a few rubber chickens and whoopee cushions into his cart for good measure.

Back home, Ray meticulously assembled his masterpiece. He layered the marshmallow pickles with the chocolate spread and topped it off with slices of the bubblegum cheese. The result was a colorful, lopsided tower of culinary chaos.

With a mischievous grin, Ray took a massive, theatrical bite of his creation. The crunch echoed through the kitchen as the absurd flavors collided in his mouth. Ray's eyes widened, and he erupted into laughter. Little did he know that his digestive system was about to stage a rebellion of its own.

As the day went on, Ray's stomach began to grumble in protest. Strange sounds emanated from his belly, resembling a symphony of cartoonish squelches and squeaks. Ray, ever the optimist, assumed his digestive symphony was just another layer of the absurdity he had created.

However, by evening, Ray's laughter turned into groans as he clutched his stomach. It seemed his culinary experiment had triggered a gastronomic revolution within him. His friends, who were accustomed to his antics, did nothing to help him, beyond laughing. 

We’ll see how this ends when Ray is back in the shop.  It is also possible this story is fabricated and Ray really only ate a salad…