Rainy Days and Fridays?

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Rainy Days and Fridays?

But first, shop news.

It’s been a week of bucktails.  First, we got in our first order from the newly resurrected S&S Jigs by Madd Mantis, risen from the ruins of S&S Bucktails.  Well, we got part of the order at least.  We received two models of bucktail.  First is the S&S Jigs Pro Rockhoppers.  If you liked the old S&S Bucktails Rockhoppers, you are going to love these.  Ranging from ½ oz to 2 oz, we’ve got all surf fishing situations covered. 

The other item we received from S&S Jigs By Madd Mantis is the S&S Jigs Smiling Bill Bucktails.  A classic design done right by S&S jigs, you should always have one of these in your bag. 

We also added Bullet Head Bucktails from MagicTail.  Any surfcaster worth their salt knows the value of having a basic bucktail with a tie up close to the front of the bucktail, and these fit that need perfectly. 

So, fishing report?  Wish we had one for you.  The weather in NJ has been terrible, with strong NE winds and rain since last weekend (and extending through this weekend).  We did get a break from the rain on Wednesday (but not the wind), and we did hear of surf caught striped bass, a couple of fluke caught at the final whistle, and some small schoolie striped bass caught in the backwaters.  There are not a lot of anglers out there, so getting even those reports was impressive. 

Oh, and the other good news (sarcasm) is fluke season in NJ is now closed (unfortunately not sarcasm).  This means some angler targeting bass or bluefish in the surf is going to land a 10 pound fluke (when the wind eventually subsides).  You heard it here first.

It’s not all doom and gloom however.  Check out The Fisherman Magazine’s prediction about what will happen when the wind stops, based on past history.  Check it out here: https://www.thefisherman.com/nj-de-bay-region-fishing-forecast-september-28-2023/

Everyone keep an eye on Ray, this weather is getting to him…