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Our biggest shop news is our Winter Sales Event this upcoming weekend.  It starts this Saturday, January 29th, and runs through Sunday, January 30th.  Saturday is a special day, as John from Scabelly will be here with a load of plugs!  We are not sure what kind of load it will be, but I am sure you can figure it out.

Our doors will open at 7:00 am sharp Saturday and we expect his lures will sell out VERY fast. So don’t come strolling into the shop at 5:00 pm expecting to score a Scabelly.  All Scabelly sales will be directed to our 2nd door to the left of our main door (see picture below). That’s where the line will start. Please be respectful to other anglers while you are waiting in line. 

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.  Yes, we have seen the long range weather forecast and yes we’ll be closely monitoring it. We have a snow date for the following weekend if weather takes a bad turn.  We are planning to make that decision by closing on Thursday and will announce it through social media (Facebook and Instagram) and here in the fishing reports.

Scabellys isn’t the only thing going on this weekend.  We are also having a sale with certain items marked up to 20% off.  This sale will run both Saturday and Sunday in the store, and also in our online store (in case you didn’t feel like showing up). If you are looking to stock up on bucktails for fluke, the S&S Rattletail and Rattletail 2.0 jigs are 50% off this weekend, online only, while supplies last.

So, this is the season the local anglers are having a conundrum of what to do.  Go fishing for the occasional small striped bass that might still be roaming the surf, or do tackle maintenance?  Most opt for tackle maintenance.  Anything from rod or reel repair to tackle organization to changing out hooks and split rings to bring your lures back up to speed.  We can help.

Our rod repair shop is open all winter.  Don’t wait until the fish are back to bring a rod in to replace a guide or fix a torn or broken handle.  As of now, all rod repairs, with the exception of tip top replacements, take a week.  Get the rod fixed while you are not planning to use it. 

Same thing for reels.  Frankie is back, is feeling good, and has been hustling through the huge backlog of reels that came in when we announced he was back.  Don’t let the longer wait prevent you from bringing in your reels.  Get them in the queue now so they are done before you need them (there may be a theme here…).


For those of you taking on the tackle organization task, we just added a ton of Plano boxes to the online store for all your tackle organizing needs.  Just throwing all your lures in an old bucket is not “organizing them”. 

 We also have the hooks and split rings you will need to replace those well used, rusty hooks on your favorite plugs.

 As far as the fishing goes, we haven’t heard too much from the surf.  Another weekend of playoff football kind kept anglers at home.  The bitter cold may also have had something to do with it too. 


We did get news from the boats.  The Big Nutz Required was out for tog and Ryan Haines got this nice double digit tog. 

With the current possible track of a weekend winter storm, Ray is a little concerned.  He doesn’t want this happening to the Scabelly sale (if it does, we’ll have it the following weekend).