Striped Bass and More Gliders

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Striped Bass and More Gliders

First, shop news, lots of shop news. 

We have a new item in the shop, The Gagster from Al Gags Lures.  While it may look like a glider, it is a bit more versatile as it can be fished on the surface like a wounded baitfish, or cranked in where it will run with a tight wiggle and dive down about 3 feet.  They are 6 inches long and weight 2.4 oz, we have them in Bunker and Bone. 


Not new to the shop, but new to the online store, we have added a couple options Alan’s Custom Lures gliders.  We have the 4.5 inch, 2 oz Combat Glider, a wider body glide bait that will mimic large peanut/smaller adult bunker.  Also available is the Mini-Dart, a 4 ¾ inch, 1.8 oz glider that will mimic smaller baits like spearing, mullet and peanut bunker.  Check them out.


We received a big shipment from Penn this week, including the new & improved Penn Fierce IV Spinning reels.  We have the standard version and the Fierce IV Live Liner spinning reels available.  These are a good choice if you need a solid reel with a good drag but don’t want to break the bank.  We have also discounted the Penn Fierce III Spinning reels, while supplies last. 


We received another big order, this time from Gibbs.  We have restocked most of Gibbs inventory.  If we are out of an item, it is because Gibbs was out of it too.


Z-Belts have been restocked.  Its getting into wader season and even if you only fish the sand, you should have a belt over your waders for safety.  The Z-Belts are built to allow you to add plug bags or tools to you belt while also giving you some back support. 


We’ve been slowly getting Van Staal VSX2’s in the shop.  If you are on our list to get one, we are calling in order as the reels come in.  As of now, we have a few in the shop, and one in the online store, a nice black VSX2 bail less in 100 size.  We don’t expect it to last too long.

As far as the fishing goes, the striped bass fishing has been a “slow-steady”.  There have been fish caught in the surf, mostly in the very early morning or as the sun goes down.  They are not as big as the previous weeks, which is bad for the “personal best” hunters, but good for those who want to take one home for dinner, as some slot fish have been landed.  Cut bunker is working is you want to fish bait.  If you want to throw lures, metal lipped swimmers, plastic swimmers, and swim shads are working.  Anglers that have been mobile are doing better than those that camp out in one spot.

The boats have been doing well trolling mojos and spoons somewhere between the beach and the 3 mile line.  Exactly where changes day by day, so you must look around. 

The blackfish bite in the back bay, river and inlets has been good.  We have the jigs and green crabs for those who want to try. 

Speaking of the bay, there is still a lot of bait in the bay, and the small bass have been taking advantage of that.  Kettle Creek shads, Rapala X-Raps and shrimp lures are taking their fair share.

Here are some notable catches:


On Tuesday John weighed in a 33 inch 12.45 pound Striped Bass from the surf on a Super Strike Little Neck Swimmer.

Ray is on vacation.  Yes, AGAIN!  He is already sending selfies from the pool…