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Striped Bass, Fluke, Blueclaws, and a Big Secret

Apologies for not having a fishing report for the past couple of days, but we have a reason.  The AC is broke, and it is literal sweatshop conditions in the online store/dispensary of fishing information office.  In the winter, its nice that heat rises, in the summer with broken AC, well, not so much.  Normally I would ask all of you to call the shop and bug Ray to get the AC fixed so you can get timely fishing reports but, in all fairness, he really is trying.  So don’t call the shop to tell Ray to get the AC fixed…

I am going to skip the shop news for this report with the exception of saying we have some big news coming up.  I can’t say what, and I can’t say when.  Honestly, I may have said too much already.

(Stay tuned)

As far as fishing reports, its remained a “steady good” from everything we have heard.  The reports of drum have slowed down, but we are still hearing about them trickling in. 

The striped bass have made up for it.  Here are some of the “new weigh ins” we received from Sunday to today.

On Sunday Stephanie Marie sent us this picture of Hunter Alessi with a nice striped bass  It measured 34.5 inches and Hunter used a chunk of fresh bunker to land it.


Apparently, Mike Alessi wasn’t about to be shown up, because Stephanie later sent this picture of Mike holding a 39 inch bass he landed on clams.  The Alessi’s had a good day.


On Tuesday evening just as we were closing we had Trevor Smith send in this picture of a nice striped bass he landed in the surf in Seaside Park.  It taped out at 31 inches.  Nice fish Trevor.


The crabbing has been heating up off the local docks lately.  We have been hearing of good catches and crabs full of meat.  Bunker has been the bait of choice.

The fluke fishing remains good.  Bucktails & Gulp! are still getting them (and will probably continue to do so all summer).  The ocean is starting to warm a little and the fluke out there are responding.  Here is Grumpy’s very own Frankie Z with a nice boat caught fluke that, as Scott said, is at least 8 inches long.  We are not sure who caught it, but it was nice of them to let Frank hold it for the picture.  It fell for an S&S Octo-pi jig and Gulp Grub, both in “Pink Shine” color.  (Nice catch Frank…)


Even Ray and Sean got out fishing on Sunday.  They went shark fishing.  If you hear Ray tell the story, it sounds like it went like this:


It really went like this: