Striped Bass, Scabellys and 75s...

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Striped Bass, Scabellys and 75s...

I think in this case, the shop news might be bigger than the fishing report.  We’ll start with the biggest news. 

Scabellys are in.  There were two small batches, one for in-store and one for on-line.  The in-store is sold out already, but the online batch went live right around the same time this report published.  There are 3.5 inch and 5 inch gliders in this batch, include a few of a new color Mr Hudler is calling “Ice”. 

The other big news is we got in some VR75s from Van Staal.  We have a few in-store and put a couple online for those who don’t want to make the drive.  These are a nice little waterproof reel that share the body of the VR50 but with a larger spool and rotor. 

We reloaded on Glacier Gloves, and added a new model, the Alaska Pro Coyote Waterproof Glove.  Unlike just about every other glacier glove we have had in the shop, these are not black.  They are a nice comfortable glove from our test fits in the shop.  For those of you who need (or want) to always be on your phone, these are compatible with touch screens, so no need to suffer the cold to send a txt or take a picture.  And, even though the name says “coyote,” no actual coyotes were harmed in the creation of these gloves.

As far as fishing goes, the bass are still cooperating.  They are getting a bit selective about WHEN they are being cooperative, however.  Low light in the mornings and evening, and in the dark are the time to go the past couple of days.  As far as what is working, bunker is still picking fish, but most angler are reporting lots and lots and lots of spiny dogfish for each bass caught.  Lures are working better in that they are picking up way less spiny dogfish.  SP Minnows, Mag Darters, and Hydro Minnows have been the best that we have heard of. 


This evening before the shop closed, we had several anglers gather before they went out to fish together.  They were being led by our resident superhero, Scott “Wefish”.  It was like we had our own F-Troop of fishermen.  Did they catch?  Yup, they sure did.  They sent this picture of “Private” Jarret in his own superhero landing pose with an example of the fish they got into.  SP Minnows in blurple were working the best for them. 

Ray was in a mood today, in case anyone noticed.  Multiple orders arrived from our distributors coupled with the phone ringing off the hook got it started, and an empty belly didn’t help.  DoorDash helped with the belly, and the rest?  Well, he took it out on the phone.