Thank You For a Great Saltwater Expo

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Thank You For a Great Saltwater Expo

But first, shop news…

Thanks to everyone who came to the Saltwater Fishing Expo in Edison NJ and made our debut there a successful one.  And thanks to all of the great tackle manufacturers we had the pleasure of working with.  We are already brainstorming ways to make our showing next year even bigger. 

Some of you have started fishing and may have noticed the lures you put away the end of last season may need some attention.  Or, you may have decided that you want to be kinder to the striped bass that are generally found in the back bays in the early spring.  We have added a new item to the website for you.  The BKK LONEDIABLO BUCKTAIL TEASER HOOK, which is tied on the popular BKK LONEDIABLO INLINE HOOK.  These will make a great tail hook replacement for swimming plugs and poppers, and also a good hook replacement on metal jigs. 

The fishing locally remains a worm bite.  We have been bringing in bloodworms at a furious pace, both regulars and jumbos, but the demand we are seeing has us occasionally running out.  At the time of this writing we have them in stock. At the time you are reading this, who knows.  You will want to call to make sure we have them (732-830-1900). 

We have been hearing more and more reports about winter flounder.  One angler fishing for striped bass came in for winter flounder rigs.  He had something nibbling off his bait and couldn’t figure out what it was until he finally had one get the tip of the circle hook in it’s mouth.  That something was a winter flounder, and he was going back out with more worms and the right rig to catch them. 

Some recent notable catches:


On Friday Joe took this 29.5 inch, 10.5 pound bass on bloodworms from the bay.

Another 29 inch bass taken on bloodworms in the bay,

Our booth at the saltwater fishing expo was primarily manned by Scott, Bob and Connor, with Frankie Z and Steve pitching in during the busier days of the weekend.  It was exhausting work, and after arriving back at the shop Sunday evening, you could see it on Scott and Bob’s faces.  Ray spent the weekend covering in the shop.  So, if you pulled up outside the shop on Monday afternoon, whose trucks would you expect to see?  Not Bob’s, Scott’s, and maybe not even Frank’s, right?  But all three were there.  Ray, however, was exhausted by all this work he was hearing about.  He needed a day…

Ok, seriously, Ray was a little “under the weather”.  He may have eaten a bad dumpling the night before.