Thanks For A Successful Grumpy Santa Event

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Thanks For A Successful Grumpy Santa Event

First, a deep heartfelt thanks for everyone who stopped into our Grumpy Santa event, donated to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, entered the free raffle, got some cookies from Jenni, and took advantage of our sale.  It was a great success.  Congratulations to the winners of the raffle.  We have good news in that Grumpy Santa Hisself is feeling much better.  We will have the official announcement for the rescheduled sit down with Grumpy Santa on social media shortly.  Also, for those who could not attend but still want to donate, Ray is keeping the donation box available until “almost Christmas.”

In shop news, it’s getting close to Christmas.  If you are not sure what to get the angler in your life, may we suggest a Grumpys Gift Basket by MaiTai.  We have two varieties, one catering to the angler who likes to fish for bass and bluefish, and one who caters to the bottom fishing angler (fluke and blackfish).  A Gift Card and/or a piece of Grumpys apparel (like a hat or our new T-shirt design) would go great with them. 

We have restocked on a few items in-store and online:  waders, Kettle Creek Shads, Ava Jigs, and Bill Hurley Sand Eel jigs.

The fishing was very good before the weather moved in on Sunday.  The average size of the striped bass has shrunk a bit, but they were plentiful and on the feed.  With the right sized tackle (like an ODM D.N.A. 7'6" Back Bay or a Grumpy 7’10” Sandstorm) the bass we have now make a good showing of themselves.  They have been on sand eels, so Ava Jigs, teasers, Tsunami holographic sand eels, and  Bill Hurley Sand Eel jigs have been the hot lures.   

Some notable catches:

Our very own Sean was on the beach Saturday morning using Tsunami holographic sand eels, Ava Jigs and teasers to put together a nice pick of bass. 

Our very own John was out in the boat Saturday morning and used Bill Hurley Sand Eel jigs and Z-Man DieZel Minnowz to put together a nice catch of striped bass.  He also said they found three whales working over bunker schools off northern ocean county.  They put on a good show.

We got this report from Sunday morning before the heavy rains moved in:  “Off the charts pre storm metal lip bite this morning.” @surfcasters_inc

Ray won’t be in the shop Tuesday.  He is taking a day off.  He is not going camping this time, for a change.  He is going fishing.  Specifically, togging.  Now fishing for tog requires you to fish in some nasty structure, and when you do, you get snagged a lot.  You would think Ray loses a lot of tackle this way, but remember, he is a professional…