The Bass Are Here

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The Bass Are Here

First, shop news…

We added a few new items to the online store.  First we received a big restocking of Gibbs lures in the brick & mortar store and online, and we also added a few Gibbs models we were missing. First is the standard Danny swimmer.  This classic is a must have in any sufcaster’s bag worth their salt.  Especially with the big striped bass starting to show up. 

We also added Gibbs Darters.  The lure that helped start the darter craze in New England, these plugs excel where there is a current running across where you are casting, which is why they are so popular in Montauk.  Think about using these at the tip of Sandy hook and the local inlets.  And don’t limit yourself to those places.  They will work in the surf on a standard sandy beach.

When the water is rough or the current is strong, you want a Gibbs Casting Swimmer.  Known also as a “bottle plug” based on it’s shape, the casting swimmer will add to your casting distance over a standard metal lip by being more aerodynamic. 

It’s starting to get cold.  Be prepared.  We just restocked on Glacier Gloves.  We also added a new model which will be much appreciated on very cold nights.  The Alaska Pro Flip Mitt gloves convert from a fingerless glove when you need some dexterity for tying knots, or texting buddies to tell them about fish, to a full mitten to keep those fingers warm. 

We know how many of you love stickers.  We also know that tuna fever took over some of you this year.  Well, for those still suffering, we have a Gamakatsu Tuna Decal for you. 

So how is the fishing?  Getting better.  We have had reports of bass being caught up and down the coast near the shop.  The bunker have shown up and there have been full sized bunker and mid-sized “cupcake” bunker just outside of the surf.  This has brought in a mixed class of stiped bass, so you will have a chance to land your personal best or one you can keep.  Maybe both.  Most of the action we have bee hearing about are on lures.  The lures that have been working have been bucktails, metal lipped swimmers, SP minnows, Yo-Zuri mag darters, swim shads and sand eel imitations.    

 Some recent notable catches:


Skip, Johnny Pierogies, and Pat Boyhan had themselves a day with some nice blackfish caught on crabs!

This is a good one.  This picture and our cover shot is our own Jenni with her personal best from the beach.  She left the shop on Tuesday evening, went and found a spot to fish, and was rewarded with this monster, that taped out at 49 inches.  Caught on a S&S Jigs Pro Rockhopper bucktail (in the Jenn-X color named for her) using an ODM Evolution surf rod.  She didn’t chase reports, she went out and made them. Now is the time, just go fish.

From Wednesday in his own words:  “Caught on the new 10ft ODM DNA this morning 3rd cast 32inch thanks again”. Nice fish Anthony!


@fin.czaplinski showing dad how it’s done Wednesday night! Caught on a SP minnow in the surf.

Fran Hettler had a nice Thursday pre-dawn bass on a Yo-Zuri mag darter!

We were all happy in the shop when Jenni landed that fish.  None more than Jenni Herself.  Well, not everyone was completely happy.  One of us was a little green with envy…