The Fishing Beat Goes On

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The Fishing Beat Goes On

First, shop news. 


This upcoming weekend is our Grumpy Santa event.  More details on that later, but don’t miss it.  Seriously, if you have plans, change them.  The two pictures above are sneak peaks of what Scabelly and Big Rock are bringing to this year’s event.  They are unique plugs.  Want to know how to get them?  Jenni tells you here:

We had a shipment come in from JoeBaggs, so all JoeBaggs items have been restocked (except resin jigs, because Ray says its past that season).  We have also added some new stuff to the online shop.

Perfect for the current bite, and good timing, we now have JoeBaggs Mini Sandeels in the online store.

And we have also added one of the JoeBaggs originals, the Patriot Fish

Fishing remains good, though the bass seem to be shifting their focus from peanut bunker to sand eels.  We have received a lot of reports on ava jigs and teasers or sand eel imitations such as Bill Hurleys or Tsunami Sand Eels.  if you are not sure what bait they might be on where you are, the 5 inch Z-Man Diezel Minnow is a swimbait that works as a decent compromise.

The blackfish bite remains good on the local rockpiles and wrecks.  Green crabs on jigs or rigs are taking some nice fish.

We were so busy this weekend we didn’t get to post any of the pictures sent to us, except one, from Scott.  He would be sad if I didn’t share his fish, and quite frankly, I don’t wanna see the boy cry…

So we are not sure what is going on with Ray in this picture.  It’s one of three things.  1) He cannot contain his excitement for the upcoming Grumpy Santa Event 2) He needs to go potty (to put it in a nice way) or 3) Jenni snuck into the shop another ghost pepper flavored snack disguised as something more benign and Ray is trying not to admit he ate one.