The Good Fishing Continues...

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The Good Fishing Continues...

First, a short shop news…

We are proud to now have single packs from Trailhead Automatic Tire Deflators available in the online store.  These are a good option if you want to try them out without paying the price of a full four pack.  It’s also great if you happened to lose one form your original set of 4 and want to go back to airing down all 4 tires at once.

Fishing remains as it was the last report.  Bass and drum in the surf taking clams.  Reports of artificials taking bass after dark in the surf too. 

Bluefish have been reported from the surf taking both bait and lures: poppers, SP Minnows and Hydro Minnows.  They have also been reported in Barnegat Inlet, and the hot lure for them there was Yo-Zuri 3d Twitchbaits

The fluke fishing remains like it has been.  Some good fishing if you are on the right tide and in the right area.  Some of the back bay spots are producing a lot of shorts that need to be culled through to find a keeper or a slot fish. 

Some notable catches:

Hector Esteves with a 9.65 lb bass and a 15.4 lb drum caught on clam.

Brett had great action on bucktails and Gulp!

Joe Gallagher reported good action over the weekend on clam.

Cover Shot Dave with a nice drum taken from the surf on clam.

Steve of Shore Kayak Fishing with a striped bass that fell for clams off the surf.  He said his kayak was “in the shop…”

We have had a lot going on around here at Grumpys, and poor Ray is juggling a lot of projects.  He usually does pretty good, but eventually, someone does this to him:

And while that someone could be any of us, that someone is usually Scott….