We May Owe You An Apology

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We May Owe You An Apology

First, shop news…

Ok, so maybe yesterday’s fishing report was not completely accurate.  You may even say the report was completely fabricated.  But that would be incorrect.  We do have something big to announce.

We have restructured our rod shipping policy to make it cheaper for our customers.  Starting immediately, all rods that are $150 and over will ship for free.  Completely free.  No “handling fee”.  No "automatically adding the cost of an expensive oversize box to your cart."  You pay the price of the rod, and any applicable taxes, and that’s it.  No other shenanigans.  Now, there are some limitations, but there are only a few.  As an example, rods that are so long they need to go by freight are excluded from the free shipping offer. This applies to any brand of rod (ODM, Jigging World, Century, Black Hole, Grumpys, etc.) as long as it is more than $150.  

But what about the rods under $150?  You will still need to pay shipping for those, but we worked real hard to lower the shipping prices on those too.  Overall, we reduced the cost to ship most of those rods by $5 to $10.  How much shipping  will cost will depend on the rod chosen. Just put the rod in your cart and it will tell you the shipping charge when you check out.

The Tsunami Tidal Pro Twitch bait has been one of the best selling baits this winter and spring.  We just got in a new color.  Wonder Bread. This color has the potential to unseat bone as the most popular color.  Check them out.

We have added Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro to the lineup at Grumpys.  A great option for leader when you need a leader that is virtually invisible underwater but has some abrasion resistance and you don’t want to break the bank. 

If you like decals and/or you like tuna fishing, we have a new sticker for you from Salty Bones.  The Yellowfin Tuna Profile Decal is available now. 

How has the fishing been?  Well, unfortunately the bluefish are not here just yet, but in a couple of weeks that will change. The striped bass are still in the bay, and are still feeding on bloodworms.  Lures are working at night, but most of our reports are coming on bloodworms. 

Blackfish season opened Monday in New Jersey, but with the current weather here, no boats have gone out for them.  Once we hear about reports of them, we will let you know. We have green crabs so you can be ready when the weather breaks.

Here are some recent notable catches:

Wilson Valetine with a 28.5 inch, 7.4 pound bass that fell for a bloodworm in Barnegat Bay. 

Keith got a nice one in the bay on bloodworms.  Looks like he has learned a thing or two from Pedro.  Give Pedro a follow on his YouTube Channel – Kepti Fishing

No story around the Ray’s highlight reel this report, as we are doing a special request.  I won’t say who, but someone here at Grumpys wanted to see Ray’s face on a specific Little Rascal’s character.  The line that goes with this short is  “Don’t call me Norman, call me Chubsy Ubsy”