Luna Sea Cush-It Fishing Rod Cushion

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Fighting big gamefish puts a lot of brute force against an angler’s body. The Cush-it™ is designed to grip and bend into the body so it will protect the angler from that force. The bulbous end absorbs the shock, isolating the rod butt from the angler. It is tapered on the interior to fit and grip any size rod butt. It is UV resistant, saltwater resistant, and so light weight and comfortable! It stores easily on the bottom of any rocket launcher for quick, easy access. No longer need to adjust or wear bulky fighting belts. This is a great alternative to fish fighting belts! The Cush-it (Cushit) will let you move freely around the boat. The angler can hold the rod anywhere on the body. Passing the rod off to someone else is easy, no trading belts and re-adjusting! Use your cooler as a fighting chair while sitting on the Big Game Cushit…it will give your arms a rest, and it adds tremendous leverage while using the ball of the Cush-it as a pivot point. The Cush-it also protects the boat floor and seat cushions from gouges, scratches, and rips that a bare gimbal can make. No other tool can give you the comfort and ease that the Big Game Cush-it can!


  • Doesn’t slip or twist during battle
  • Pops on easily in seconds
  • Fits and grips any rod butt
  • No size adjustments necessary
  • Stays on the rod when passed to another angler
  • Protects boat and angler from sharp edges on gimbal butts
  • Floats most rods
  • UV Resistant


We have it in two sizes (All Species and Big Game) and one color (yellow). Big Game fits all sized rod butts.  All Species fits rod butts 3/4″ to 1 1/4″ diameter.


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-