MaiTai White Perch Rig With Floats

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The MaiTai White Perch Hi/Lo Rig With Floats is a simple bottom rig designed to fish for smaller sport or panfish.  They are tied with quality 40 pound monofilament.  The leader is approximately 18 inches long with a three-way swivel and a snap for your sinker at the top, a dropper loop halfway down with a small baitholder hook and a float, and terminates with another small baitholder hook and a different colored float..  They work well with small pieces of squid, clams, shrimp, sea worms and small pieces of FishBites.

Perfect for white perch, but also great for blowfish, spot, croaker, northern kingfish, pompano, sea mullet, and any other small panfish.

Note:  This is a hand tied product.  There can be some variation between the picture and the actual product.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-