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A cool down, but not for the fluke fishing.

After a pressure cooker of a week, we finally had a nice weather break on Sunday.  It seems, however, the fluke did not care about the heat, as they kept biting all weekend.  It seems there are more cow nosed rays in the surf, as we had a lot of reports of guys fishing for fluke hooking into those.  Depending on your perspective, they are either a huge thrill to hook, or a huge PITA to hook.  And if you hook into more than one in a day, you may experience both perspectives. 

Here are a couple of weigh ins:


Adam Caris brought in this 22 inch, 3.6 pound fluke caught in the surf on Gulp!


Dave Cooper weighed in this 20 inch, 2.75 pound fluke caught in the surf on a bucktail with Gulp!.  He said Pink was the hot color for him.

The blowfishing in the bay remains steady, with reports of some boats filling coolers with these tasty fish.  We have the chum logs and chum pots to get them to the boat, and the rigs and bait (squid, clam, or fishbites) to get them on your hook. 

We have been hearing rumors of weakfish showing up in Barnegat Bay.  Nothing concrete has come to our scales yet, but if you want to give it a try, early morning when there is less boat traffic is the best time, and light jig heads with a soft plastic like a Zoom Super Fluke or a Fin-S fish have always been good weakfish lures.  Pink is one of their favorite colors.

As many of you know, Grumpy Hisself doesn’t spend as much time in the store as he used to.  Some of you seemed concerned we were keeping him out of the store against his will.  I want to let you know that is not the case.  He shows up from time to time to enlighten us with his presence.  Here is photo proof.  He is sitting back in the rod building area playing “Angry Birds,” or, as he considers it, just plain old “Birds”.


As far as Ray goes, Jenni and John were having a discussion on how well Ray’s face works on the body of a toddler.  Jenni, wondering if the opposite worked, made the following picture of Ray.  Turns out, the opposite does work.  As far as the caption, you will need to ask Black Cloud Bob about that one…