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A whole bunch of restocks, and a fishing report

We restocked a bunch of stuff the past two days.  I will try to summarize.

We got in some Van Staal VR reels in, including the VR175 size in Black.  These are the updated reels with the stronger main shaft, improved sealing, and improved drag knob.  For those looking for a deal, we still have a couple of the older model available.  They come with a free spare spool and free spooling. 

We also restocked on the Shimano Vanford reels.  These are one of the lightest reels on the market.  Smooth and durable, they make a great light tackle rod for throwing lures for a full tide cycle. 

We also got in a bunch of Shimano Saragosa 10000 sized reels for those of you looking to jig or cast poppers to tuna, but don’t want to spend the money on a Stella or TwinPower

We restocked on rods too.  If you were looking for a Tica surf rod, we reloaded on almost every model.

We put a couple of the FrontierX surf rods from ODM on the site.  These are fantastic rods.  Get ready for the fall run, these won’t last long.

We also restocked on some Tsunami rods, a few models in the different model lines, both surf and boat.  If you were waiting for a specific Tsunami rod to be available, you may want to check now. 

We are going to take a moment to pat ourselves on the back.  I am sure by now many of you have heard about the tarpon that was shot by a spearfisherman in Barnegat Inlet, and weighed in at a shop to the south of us?  Well, any controversy aside, we predicted the arrival of tarpon on July 23rd.  See below:


As far as the fishing goes, the fluke fishing in the surf is still good, we think.  Why are we not sure?  Well, most of the fishermen reporting back to us were having a lot of trouble getting their offering past the cow-nose rays.  If you want a thrill with a powerful fish that pulls drag like a freight train, and you want that thrill from the sand, go try for a cow nose.

In Barnegat bay, the snapper fishing remains steady off the docks, and the blowfishing on the boats remains good.  Snapper poppers have been working for the snapper blues, and fishbites, clams or squid have been working for the blowfish. 

We have been hearing rumors of Spanish mackerel and small bluefish north of the shop.  Midway Lures Resin Jigs are perfect for targeting both of them.

For those who have visited the shop recently, and walked back to the rod building area, you may have noticed a small aquarium.  We are getting a fish.  Imagine that, a tackle shop with a pet fish, like a slaughterhouse with a pet pig.  Anyway, the aquarium is here, but the fish has yet to arrive.  So, someone hung the following sign on the aquarium.


They also hung the sign on the front door, and on the counter.  Also, it may or may not be on Yakity-Yak’s door too.  Anyway, yesterday we received two phone calls about Jim The Fish sightings.  Jenni was the lucky person to receive both calls.  She, needless to say, wasn’t happy...