A Temporary Slowdown Compared to Last Week

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A Temporary Slowdown Compared to Last Week

First, some shop news…

We had a surprise delivery of Scabellys….nevermind, they are gone.


We have restocked most models and colors of the Tsunami Salt-X reels, still at the new lower price.  This is a great deal for a sturdy waterproof surf reel. 

We have restocked the shop with Jigging World Nexus rods.  These make nice blackfish rod for fishing jigs.  They will also make a great option for jigging avas or Bill Hurleys for the fall striped bass run.  Come in and check them out.


We now have waders available in the online store.  Specifically, Frogg Toggs Hellbender bootfoot breathable waders.  While we still recommend you come to the store to try on waders before you buy them, if you know your size you can save yourself the trip.  Please become familiar with our Returns Policy and please read the returns popup that appears when you put them in your cart. 

As far as the fishing goes, the weather system mid week shut down the epic striped bass fishing from last weekend.  Actually, shut down isn’t entirely accurate.  There are still fish around, but they aren’t feeding nearly like they were a week ago.  You have to work for your big fish again.  Some fish are being caught on metal lipped swimming plugs, or by anglers fishing bunker chunks.  The boats dragging spoons and mojos are also picking up some nice fish. 

The back bay has a nice population of smaller striped bass if you just want to bend the rod and not chase a “personal best”. 

In other fish stories, the sea bass fishing has been great numbers wise, but size wise, they have been kinda small.  Jigging them has proven to be effective using slow pitch jigs.  Even jigging epoxy jigs has been working.  We have had reports of “drop and reel” jigging.  Now we just need these fish to get a little bigger. 

Small blues are around chasing spearing and rainfish. 

The false albacore run is winding down.  There are still some around and they can be taken using epoxy jigs even though they are feeding on some tiny bait.


(The ring is a quarter inch wide)

Our one notable catch for this report is our header picture.  @ac_tr3 didn’t let the weather reports scare him away and landed (and then released) a nice one. 

For those that follow As The Grumpys Turns will know there are a few of us here who want to sell live eels.  Ray is dead set against this.  Last week Scott somehow convinced Ray to do a proof of concept trial for live eels.  They sold very well, which left Ray with some eel slime on his face. (If you want us to keep making eels available, please let Ray know…)