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All Fluke, All The Time

Just a quick report for tonight, since the fishing conditions have remained steady since the last report.  But first, news from the shop…

Sticking with our all fluke, all the time theme, we took a restock of S&S Fluke Nukem Bucktails.  These things have been flying off the shelf (and off the website).  We are loaded up again, but at the rate they are going, don’t wait too long to pick some up. 

As far as the fishing goes, the fluke fishing remains remarkably good in the surf.  Bucktails and Gulp! are STILL the ticket to catching these fish.  We have had a few people in the shop who said with all the reports of lights out fluke fishing, they were unable to catch any.  We identified two common issues.  The first, when using a bucktail and Gulp, you DO NOT throw it out and let it just sit there.  This is a cast & retrieve fishery.   A fluke will not touch a bucktail just laying on the bottom.  They want to chase it, and a bucktail needs to be moving to make the tail work anyways. 

The other issue, if you are fishing a spot for a length of time and it is not producing, move to a new spot. The anglers who are doing well are staying mobile.  The fish are out there, but they are not everywhere.  Sometimes you just need to move down to the next sandbar or hole down the beach.  If you have a fitbit, you will get your steps in.

That being said, here are some anglers who did just that…


David Awad weighed in a 3.7 pound, 20 inch fluke caught out on IBSP.


Jason Marchildon brought in a 4.25 pound fluke he caught on an S&S Fluke Nukem and Gulp!


Johny Bui was back again with a nice pair of flatties up to 2.6 pounds.

Now, the title of this report may be "All Fluke, All The Time," but there is some other news. 

In the bay, fishing for blowfish has been good down between the BI and BB buoys.  Clam chum will bring them up to the boat, while hooks baited with clam, squid or FishBites will bring them into the boat.

This is about the time of year the kingfish show up in the surf.  We haven’t heard of any caught yet this year, but a couple fishermen and a spearfisherman have said they have seen them in the surf.  Someone has to be the first one to land one.  Get some Fishbites and give it a shot.

Ok, back to fluke, or as some would call them, summer flounder, content.  For those fans of National Lampoon’s Animal House, here is Ray as Flounder telling us how he feels about flounder…