Baby It's Cold Outside

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Baby It's Cold Outside

We hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas.  The Grumpy’s crew had a good Christmas, and enjoyed the only day of the year that the shop is planned to be closed. 


Just before the holiday, we had a shipment of Trailhead Tire Deflators arrive at the shop.  They have been selling well, but there are still a few left. These are the best tire deflators you can get.  No need to bend down and hold something to your valve stem.  Your back (and your knees) will thank you for buying these.

Believe it or not, with the extreme cold, we are still hearing about fish being caught.  The surf is still producing some small fish on sand eel imitations like the Hurley sand eels and Tsunami Holographic sand eels, or on small shads, like the NLBN Shads, Vudu Shads or Tsunami shads

The back bay is still producing fish if you can find water that isn’t solid.  Think areas with current.  This fishery will be open until December 31st, at which point it closes until March 1st.

Speaking of solid water, the backwaters that are frozen are not safe to walk on, so don’t think you can go out there and fish through the ice.  It takes a long, deep freeze to get ice think enough in brackish saltwater to walk on.  Save the ice fishing for sweetwater lakes. 

Those looking for Ray today were seriously disappointed today.  He needed to take the day off.  He claimed it was to put together toys for his kids, but we all know that Ray asked Blackcloud Bob to put them together on Christmas Eve, as Bob is the handy one in the shop.  What really happened is Ray wanted a day to PLAY with the toys.